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  [DELETED] 23:02 24 Aug 2003

i have tonight just installed Windows XP Home Edition onto my Windows 98 computer and it is working fine. only problem is i think Windows 98 is still on my hard drive. i was asked when installing XP if i wanted to format the drive but i said no...should i?? under FAT32 or the FTSP(or something)?? i basically want to have my computer free of every programme! it wont format though when i right click on C drive says i have to do it without anything running from it. also my '@' has moved under 'shift 2' - '"'

  [DELETED] 23:06 24 Aug 2003

You cant format C from within windows, it wont kill its self. Put the XP CD in and reboot (making sure the boot options are set to boot from CD-ROM before HD in the BIOS) when it says boot from CD, press any key? press a key and the XP set up will start, do a full format with NFTS at the promt and wave good by to Win98

  [DELETED] 23:07 24 Aug 2003

Keyboard is set to US,your 98 will be removable by add/remove progs.To convert the hdd to NTFS can be done via Command Prompt(dos-box)only I haven't the correct syntax to hand,but a search of pca helproom for convert and ntfs will put you right.

  [DELETED] 23:10 24 Aug 2003

Thank you all!!

  [DELETED] 23:11 24 Aug 2003

Mon, 26.05.03 | 00:07

In the command prompt window, type convert drive_letter: /fs:ntfs

For example, typing convert D: /fs:ntfs would format drive D: with the ntfs format.

If your hard drive is C then replace the D above with C

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