Windows won't shut down

  [DELETED] 01:39 03 Aug 2003

I recently bought a brand new compaq PC.With Athlon xp 2800+2.1Ghz, 80gigs hard drive, 512 DDR SDRAM.It works fine untill the point when i run my AOL(7.0 or 8.0) software for the internet.I get a good connection and browse just fine. BUt as soon as i try to disconnect and exit the browser then the problems kicks in. The browser freezes and i start getting messages that AOL browser is not responding. Even if i try to restart or shut down the system, it wouldn't.
The only way to restart the system is by turning the mains off/on.
Can somebody please help, thanx.

  [DELETED] 09:35 03 Aug 2003

I have the same problem it is a problem with the aol software and would like to know if anyone has a solution. Ive contacted aol and they confirmed it is a common problem but they dont have a satisfactory solution.

  [DELETED] 11:11 03 Aug 2003

ctrl+alt+del pressed together should allow you to end task (internet explorer) then you should be able to carry on as normal. apologies if you have already done this.

good luck

  xania 09:34 04 Aug 2003

Sorry about the soapbox, Cave Dweller, but if that's the best that AOL can offer, perhaps its time to vote with your feet. I can understand tem accepting they have a problem but to simply fob you off like.... They must be looking for a solution and, in the meantime help you get back to a version that works. I think you should be seeking some form of redress. Perhaps that will make them re-think their policy.

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