windows wont load past first screen

  Randal 10:34 10 Oct 2008

Hi. Hope you can help. My computer suddenly wont start past the first screen which says (Tab) to switch to post post or (Del) to run bios. The keyboard works if i press tab but that's all. I have tried starting pressing f8 to try and enter in safe mode but no luck. Any help greatly appreciated.
My system is windows xp service pack2

  Randal 10:44 10 Oct 2008

Forgot to mention I have tried booting from cd but no luck

  cowgirl66 12:20 10 Oct 2008

Is it posseible there was a power outage before this happened?

  Randal 14:49 10 Oct 2008

sorry cowgirl had to go out. i don't know about the power outage. i used it the night before and when i came to switch on the next day it wouldn't go past the first screen

  tullie 14:53 10 Oct 2008

When you booted from cd had you set it in bios to boot from cd,then rebooted with cd in drive?,i know its a silly question but it happens.

  Randal 15:06 10 Oct 2008

tullie. I can't boot from cd. can't get into compter at all

  tullie 15:38 10 Oct 2008

Even though you are not able to boot properly,have you tried the cd drive once computers on,it may open.Has this happened all of a sudden,was it ok on last boot?Im sure someone will come along to help further.

  zarobian 16:29 10 Oct 2008

You mentioned that you have reformatted the hard disc. Is it in DOS format or NTFS system?
What I am getting at is if you haven’t got any recovery partition then it will be safe to use FDISK. By using FDISK delete DOS partition and any non DOS partition if existing. Do not create any partition or format the disc at this stage.
Slip your Windows XP disk in the drive. Switch off the computer and power on again to achieve a cold start condition.
Follow the instructions. You will be asked for formatting in NTFS and creating active partition. Answer yes to these.
Hopefully you will be able to install the OS successfully this time.

  woodchip 16:40 10 Oct 2008

You mentioned that you have reformatted the hard disc. Where did he say that?

This may be a Hard Drive Fault, Press Del key when its starting to see if it will go into BIOS screen and keep running, Look to see if the Hard Drive shows up on the first page that comes up in BIOS.

You could also try restoring BIOS defaults to see if it will start. Do not forget to save any changes before you exit BIOS

  zarobian 16:42 10 Oct 2008

I do apologise for my posting.This was ment for morningbard and not you. Sorry again.


  zarobian 16:44 10 Oct 2008

I just realised before reading your post. Sorry about the confusion.

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