Windows Won't Load

  Fullywired 13:29 15 Jan 2005

[email protected] having afew problems loading windows onto an an old PC. the PC in question is an old pentium 3 450mhz (@ 600Mhz) with 128Mb of ram and a 6Gb Hard Drive. i have tries 3 versions of windows and each gives me a different error!!

on Windows 98 SE: the scandisk is running and then it stops at 99% and at the top in light blue text reads:
Run Time error M6111: MATH
- Floating Point error: Stack underflow

and then the PC just freezes.

on Windows ME: the scandisk runs all the way through and stops at "copying the nescesarry files to install windows..." and then it either freezes or goes back to the E:\> prompt!

Windows XP Pro: boots perfectly and then the grey bar at the bottom says: "setup is loading files" and then says in the main screen:
File \ntkrnlmp.exe Could Not Be loaded.
The Error Code Is 7.

at first i thought it was the CD drive playing up but i tried it with my NEC 1300A DVD RW and i got the same results! then i switched the Hard Drive and still the same results!!

any help is much appreciated!



  rawprawn 13:36 15 Jan 2005

click here I'm not sure this is your problem but it's worth looking at

  Diodorus Siculus 13:37 15 Jan 2005

Could be a faulty memory chip. Do you have one or more to swap around?

  Fullywired 16:11 15 Jan 2005

well many thanks to both of you but im afraid the Knowledge base question applies only to Windows NT 3.** and i currently have no SDRAM to swap as I use only DDR in my PC so i'm still in the same situation!! i thought it could be to do with the overclock but it didn't install even at 450Mhz!!!



  JonnyTub 16:25 15 Jan 2005

you have a bad memory chip or incorrectly setup bios... read on: click here

  Fullywired 16:54 15 Jan 2005

Thank you JonnyTub!! i will try this as soon as i can, i have printed that page for reference and will attempt to reset the BIOS, i do not have any RAM but i will have by thurdsay!!



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