windows wont boot

  mattbell1975 18:42 22 Jul 2003

hi i have recently been away and on my return the computer in my house was kapput i kept getting an error on windows missing some file so....i entered setup in bios and put cd drive on first boot and put in my xp cd note on my old puter i did this b4 and it worked fine however on starting up my puter it works until the format option where it will only quick format not just format also when i have done a quick format then windows needs to restart the after 15 seconds bit it doesnt restart even when pressing enter key so i manually restart and boot from hdd it works until it comes to the setting up of xp and it stops at 35 mins on "installing devices" i have tried a second hdd so think im doing something wrong....please help

  mattbell1975 18:44 22 Jul 2003

amd athlon xp 1800+ 40 gb hdd(both of them)512 mb ram errr dunno it all worked once

  mattbell1975 18:56 22 Jul 2003

does anyone have an idea??????

  mattbell1975 18:59 22 Jul 2003

desperate now
please help

  keith-236785 19:08 22 Jul 2003

Try disconnecting the second hard drive, see if it will boot up, it could be a hard drive thats faulty, if that doesnt change anything, change hard drives over and try again.

this should rule out hard drive probs. Have you checked the bios for any changes, ie date changed, its possible that the cmos has cleared and your setting have been lost.

  mattbell1975 19:26 22 Jul 2003

no its not that its something to do with windows i think or hdd

  mattbell1975 19:30 22 Jul 2003

anyone else???

  mattbell1975 19:47 22 Jul 2003

no more help??????

  mattbell1975 21:09 22 Jul 2003

cant anyone help me out here???????

  Podsville 21:54 22 Jul 2003

If you have a boot floppy, put it in the drive, switch on when prompted select "boot to dos prompt". type c: [enter] Type format c: /s

note the space between : and the forward slash!

hit [enter] after that reformat try your XP install.

  VoG II 21:57 22 Jul 2003

Boot disks available from click here

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