Windows will not load

  n4165si 12:26 16 Jan 2009

My son has a dell dimension computer with Xp loaded,yesterday he switched it on and it loaded as far as the User Profile screen and when he selected his user name ,windows will not load, no start or icons will load. Could someone please tell me how to proceed to get the software working again

  rawprawn 12:27 16 Jan 2009

Try loading it in Safe Mode (Keep pressing F8 on boot up) and then try system restore

  n4165si 12:38 16 Jan 2009

as i have never had to boot up in safe mode,is there anything on the safe mode screen i should be looking for,and i take it you start pressing f8 as soon as you switch on and it starts loading whatever its going to load

  PO79 12:40 16 Jan 2009

Explanation of safe mode click here

  n4165si 12:52 16 Jan 2009

PO79 and rawprawn
Thankyou for the information ,i will get my son on this when he gets home and will come back later.

  n4165si 09:41 17 Jan 2009

Still having a problem,when i boot into Safe mode all i get is a black screen with the word Safe mode in each corner of the screen although the cursor is showing,can someone please advise?

  rawprawn 12:19 17 Jan 2009

I think you will need to "Repair XP" click here
If you follow these instructions carefully you will not lose any data

  n4165si 13:31 17 Jan 2009

The problem is,he does not have an original OEM xp disc only the standard recovery disc supplied by Dell,so he will probably will lose all his data to use this disc,unless i can find someone who will lend me a an OEM Disc for this type of repair. what would you advise?

  rawprawn 14:10 17 Jan 2009

Try your recovery disc if it was supplied by Dell

  rawprawn 14:11 17 Jan 2009

Sorry that will not work.

  rawprawn 14:13 17 Jan 2009

Contact me via the little yellow envelope, I may be able to help if you cannot borrow an XP Disk

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