Windows will not load.

  mo674 22:52 26 Dec 2003

I boot up. My system is set to boot floppy, cd then HDD. The floppy drive is nacked. The CD will not boot from with XP disk in and the HDD just causes the screen to go blank.

I have removed HDD and formatted it on another machine then reinstalled XP. Put it back in old pc and same problem.

When bios starts it detects my HDD as Primary Master and the CD RW as Primary Slave.

I have booted from that HDD on my new PC and it works so HDD is not at fault. If old PC does not boot with XP CD in but new one does then the software is ok. Could it be my CD RW is nacked. If so why does my HDD still not work?

Have checked bios for setup and all seems ok?

Could it be the Motherboard?

  Sheila-214876 23:35 26 Dec 2003

I have found that CD/RWs do not like being the Slave. Try it on the other IDE connection as Master. Change the BIOS to detect it and then make the CD first boot then the HDD and leave the Floppy out altogether if it is not working.

  broggs 23:38 26 Dec 2003

It will never get to windows if the floppy is faulty or disconnected......unless you can do summat in the bios

  Terrahawk 08:26 27 Dec 2003

disable floppy from boot sequence xp wont boot froom cd as it is not your first bootable device

  mo674 19:45 27 Dec 2003

So far I have removed FDD and HDD. It now boots from CD to Windows setup page. If however I put the HDD back on then it does nowt again. It asks me if I want to boot from CD then when I press enter it just reads the HDD again.

Sound like I need a new HDD??

  Big Elf 20:38 27 Dec 2003

Visit the hard drive manufacturers website and look for a diagnostics tool. This normally is copied to a floppy and used to boot the PC to run the tests. It may give you an indication as to whether the hard drive is faulty.

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