Windows will not boot, PLEASE HELP, im desperate!

  Major Disaster 12:52 01 Jun 2005

I tried to turn on my pc after it had been working normally when all of a sudden i got the dreaded black screen and the message "Windows could not start becuase the flowing file os missing or corrupt:
Windows root>System32\hall.dll."
Ive tries to boot into safe mode but i get the same message and anything about "entering boot setup menu" just scares me!
Please, please help, any information is so much appreciated.

  Major Disaster 13:17 01 Jun 2005

Please reply, someone... anyone. I really am stuck, ive been looking around on the net and am just confused, do i have to repair windows???? please, please, please help, im begging! Any help what-so-ever is greatly appreciated!!

  Major Disaster 13:25 01 Jun 2005

please..... anyone.... Sorry if i seem impatient, its just im a tad worried about this, to say the least! Ive been reading around but i dont know how to repair xp proffesional or what a Boot.ini file is! Again, please help!

  sicknote 13:26 01 Jun 2005

please give more info on What O/S are you running ??? and the PC !!!

  iambeavis 13:32 01 Jun 2005

See if this helps - click here

  Monument 13:33 01 Jun 2005

Have a look here


Take out the gap after // and paste into your address bar.

  Yoda Knight 13:35 01 Jun 2005

copy the file hall.dll from a friend (or download it from click here) onto a floppy. Make a bootable floppy (click here and follow the instructions to create a windows 98 boot disk). Boot up your pc using the boot disk. Then put in the disk with the dll file in and copy the file into the c:\windows\system32 directory using the command "copy a:\hall.dll c:\windows\system32\"

There are other ways we can try if that doesnt work...

  Major Disaster 13:44 01 Jun 2005

Hello, thankyou all so so much for your replies, really i am very thaknfull.
Sorry, i will give more information.
Computer is a Dell Optiflex GX260.
Has a Intel Petntium 4 2.4Ghz processor.
256 MB RAM.
Installed Windows XP SP1 (as not connected to internet so no updates)
Working fine before. Havent tried to do anything drastic with it (which i have read is usually the cause of this).
Have found windows XP professioanl reinstalltion disk.
Cannot enter windows at the mo, even in safe mode. Tried pressing F2 and F12 at startup, looks fine but frankly i duno what im looking for!
Is it anythink to do with boot.ini? I will read Yoda Knight's links while waiting for reply/
Thankyou all so so so much, really appreciated

  Major Disaster 14:00 01 Jun 2005

Oh Yoda i just visited that site but got very confused very quickly! You said to "follow the instructions to create a windows 98 boot disk" but the computer has installed Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition, does that matter? Momentum your link was helpfull, but will this method delete all files (eg. my documents, my pictures?) and does it matter that the computer is on a network (in an office). Again please please please reply! I am so so so thankful for any response!

  sicknote 14:02 01 Jun 2005

Can you not follow iambeavis link and instructions !!!

  Major Disaster 14:07 01 Jun 2005

Sorry, that was the link i meant, not monument's, sorry, i have read through it but it says that the cause of this problem is trying to upgrade to xp, but this has xp preinstalled, as far as i know this problem has accoured completely out of the dark. So is this till relevant?

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