Windows Will not Boot Hal.dll (again!)

  Major Disaster 15:30 21 Jul 2005

Hey all My pc isnt feeling well again. Same problem as last time ( click here ) even though after i repaired installed it to fix the problem it seemed fine. Couple days ago i did a disk defrag a few times, which was fine, then a disk cleanup. I left it and when i came back the disk clenup was done but there was a message about file security and sfc. So i put in the xp disk and did sfc/scannow, but it came up with a message that it did not recognise the disk, so i just left it. Next time i booted up i get the black screen and "windows can not start...." What do you think? This pc is obviuosly not happy, will i have to just do a full xp reinstall this time to fix it for once and for all? Thanks in advance for any response

  Major Disaster 15:43 21 Jul 2005

Sorry, i gave wrong details, i didnt type stsrt, run, sfc/scnnow, i clicked on a link in the error message box that came up about it, but any thing in strart, run would not work, eg i tried msconfig and services.msc as well,
Any ideas?

  Klof Ron 15:46 21 Jul 2005

Try typing sfc /scannow (Note the space between the c and the /).

  Major Disaster 15:47 21 Jul 2005

Sorry, that is what i did, but i cant do that now as i cant access windows i just have the black screen

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:29 21 Jul 2005

Hal.dll missing or corrupt
click here

  Major Disaster 16:32 21 Jul 2005

Thanks for the help, but the thing is i havent tried to install a new HDD or dual boot, i just did a disk clean up! Should i just reinstall windows and start again to fix the problem for once and for all as this hal.dll file has caused problems before

  Klof Ron 17:35 21 Jul 2005

Re-installing Windows is always a good idea when you reach a point in time when you cannot isolate the cause of a problem, and affect a viable repair. Some say it is a "drastic solution" but you'll have the advantage of a lean, clean machine when it's done. One thought occurs to me, if you couldn't identify the cause of the problem, it may be that when you have re-installed all your applications, and have reached the point where you are now, the problem may arise again. Having said that, if it were my machine I would go ahead and re-install.

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