Windows Vista/7 compatibility.

  fedex1969 18:24 04 Jan 2012

I'm soon to be buying a new pc. My existing is running windows vista. If my new pc has windows 7, will it recognise files, photos, etc., saved in windows vista when I transfer them? Any advice much appreciated.

  chub_tor 18:31 04 Jan 2012

I think the simple answer is Yes. Windows 7 is a much more refined version of Vista and photos, documents etc. will be recognised after they are transferred but of course you will need to install the associated programmes.

  sharpamat 18:42 04 Jan 2012

chub-tor is correct the answer is yes Here is how from the microsoft website

  fedex1969 19:43 04 Jan 2012

Many thanks guys. The wife would smack me into next week if I lose all the family photos. ;-/

  hastelloy 08:09 05 Jan 2012

"The wife would smack me into next week if I lose all the family photos"

Do you have a back-up or are you just hoping that the HDD will never crash?

  fedex1969 14:33 05 Jan 2012

All taken care of. External HDD and good old compact disc.

  hastelloy 08:35 06 Jan 2012

External HDD is fine - CDs and DVDs degrade over time (sometimes only a couple of years).

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