bitemarx 22:21 28 Jun 2010

I recently reset my laptop to factory settings in the hope of making it faster. The laptop is about a year and half old and of late, has been running very slow, almost as though there is some progrma running in the background.
The mmouse arrow frequently shifts to the hourglass although absolutely no progrmas are running!

My question:

How do I go about completely reformatting my hard disk (C and D) and reinstalling Windows Vista? Vista was installed in the laptop on purchase, btw.

Thanks a lot for any help or guidance!

  Ashrich 22:34 28 Jun 2010

First thing I would do , if you haven't done so already is back up everything you have on there to be safe , then find out what make of hard drive is in it and go to the manufacturers website and see what diagnostic tools the have available and do a hard drive fitness check , Seagate have Seatools , WD have similar software for download etc. Also , download and run Memcheck and test the memory in there ( you create a bootable disk so no operating system has to run ) If you have reset it to factory condition then in theory it should be as quick as it was when you got it , if it is slowing down without any programs running then it could be a hardware problem . I have found recently that a lot of laptop hard drives are failing , possibly because the amount they have to make nowdays just to keep up with demand , the more they make , the more failures to expect .


  malgall 20:07 29 Jun 2010

have you been able install the latest vista updates

  bitemarx 22:40 29 Jun 2010

Yes, I think I have istalled the latest updates. Keep getting alerts to install updates and I authorise it.

I have to check the hard disk as ashley suggested but haven't been able to back up anything yet; need to buy an external HD

  mooly 07:40 30 Jun 2010

Most laptops have a recovery partition. This is accessed usually via a combination of key presses at boot and will reinstall back to as it was on day one.

Worth searching on your PC for a user manual... many have a pdf installed. Just type the make of the PC into the "start search" box bottom left... see what comes up.

Make and model ?

You can back up smallish amounts of data to flash memory, SD cards etc if you haven't too much to save. Or use Vistas back up center and burn to DVD.

  mooly 08:34 30 Jun 2010

Just re reading your first post... is this what you have actually done, a full reinstall via a hidden partition ? as that totally rebuilds the HDD.

Also open Vistas "reliability and performance monitor" and try and see what is using the most processes CPU, HDD and so on.
It should idle with just the desktop showing at around 1 to 3% or so with virtually zero HDD activity.
What security are you using ? Just one ?

  sherwoodsolns 22:55 30 Jun 2010

Whoa!!! if your machine is running slow after 18 months - then DON'T do a factory re-install! firstly think about how the system is running:
1. pagefile settings
2. startup programs
3. memory
4. graphics card capability
5. temp files / internet clutter
6. drive fragmentation
7. system corruption - run SFC.exe /SCANNOW in dos
8. Defrag the HDD
9. disable unwanted services
10. check fro spyware/trojan etc

THESE will speed up your system long before you need to do a re-installation of the operating system.

you do have backups don't you?........

ps - speak to a computer repair company first.

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