windows vista slow

  hunted 11:33 26 Oct 2010

Hello my laptop is slowing down, its meant to have 56gb capacity & now its down to just over 19gb capacity. This capacity has dropped over a period of 1 to 2 yrs due to normal usage. Is formatting the only solution to get it back to something normal as when i first got it. We've un installed quite a few unwanted programmes etc but this hasnt helped a great deal or do i have to install a bigger dram memory? Want to keep this operation simple with minimum/no cost involved if possible. Any advice would be appreciated.

  birdface 11:42 26 Oct 2010

Have you tried running C Cleaner and doing a defrag.

  birdface 11:48 26 Oct 2010

Switch System restore off reboot and switch it on again that may save you a bit of space.
Have you run any security programs.If so what.
If you have plenty time you could run chkdsk it should take about an hour but it may help.
My Computer.Right click c Drive and pick properties.
You could run Disk clean up while in there .Then go to up to tools.Check now tick both boxes and when you reboot it will start you will not be able to use your computer until it finishes which should take about an hour.
It will restart after it finishes.

  hunted 12:03 26 Oct 2010

Thanks for the reply, i did do a defrag approx 6 weeks ago & also use disk clean up regularly, i also use system restore accassionally because when windows updates the laptop sometimes it dont work properly so i have to restore to a previous date etc,i'll probably try the other options mentioned.

  hunted 12:05 26 Oct 2010

Use avast as security programme

  birdface 12:23 26 Oct 2010

Do you have anty Anti-Malware programs downloaded like Malwarebytes or Superantispyware if not I would download update and run the free version of Malwarebytes just to see what it finds.
Security Suites are no good on their own.

  birdface 12:27 26 Oct 2010

If you have removed programs and run windows update maybe better giving it another defrag it will do no harm.

  Les28 15:38 26 Oct 2010

Might be an idea to reduce the default size windows allocates for system restore to recover a few gigabytes of space that way, you won't be able to store as many restore points by doing this but presumably following problems you mention caused by windows updates you are only going to restore to one of the most recent restore points, ie just before the windows update?

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If it's running slow might also be worth having a look at your startup items in msconfig to see if any uneeded things are loaded at startup and hogging resources.

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and as mentioned increase the RAM to 2GB

  hunted 23:20 26 Oct 2010

I'll try & defrag again as i didnt do it after removing some of them programmes, i tried running chkdsk but having no success.

  kristain 05:29 27 Oct 2010

Following are the possible reasons of computer freezes:

1. Virus attack

2. Low memory according to operating system

3. Huge amount of temporary files

4. Hardware problem

5. Software problem

6. Driver Problems

Try the followings:

1. Scan your pc to remove virus/spyware
2. Restore your computer if it was running fine previously
3. delete your cookies, unwanted files, etc
4. Run system fragmentation

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  hunted 10:16 27 Oct 2010

I've analyzed defrag & it comes up 'your file system performance is good & dont need to defrag this time' so thats i option gone, will have to look @ other options.

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