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Windows Vista Checking for Updates

  tonyq 17:03 10 Nov 2015

I have a Toshiba laptop running Vista, which I have not used for a while, so I thought I would update. On trying to update via Windows Update, it just goes on and on "Checking for Updates". I presume Microsoft still do updates for Vista? If they do what can I try to fix the problem?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:13 10 Nov 2015

search type services.msc

scroll down the services and check BITS background intelligent transfer and windows updates are set to automatic and have started if not set them to automatic and click the start box and then retry to check for updates - the more your missing the longer it will take.

  Govan1x 18:13 10 Nov 2015

Have the same problem with W10.Try control panel. troubleshooting .Fix problems with windows updates. It sometimes starts then another box appears asking you to click on run as administrator. Click on that if you get it on vista.

or try Services and double click windows Updates and set it to disabled. Then stop it from running.

Switch the computer off for say 20 seconds and then restart it. Reset windows Updates to automatic and start it running again. Then check to see if your updates install. Usually works on W10 not sure about Vista though.

  Bris 18:17 10 Nov 2015

Oh dear this is not unknown, I have exactly the same problem with an old PC that I decided to get up to date.

After trying for around 5 hours to fix it I came to the conclusion that the problem is caused by upgrade agent *.256.

I wouldnt mind betting that if you check your update history that will be the last one that was installed. It seems that there is no way of stopping MS from installing this update and until you do it wont do anymore updates.

There are a number of "fixit" routines offered by MS none of which work.

It seems that MS know of this problem but refuse to sort it out.

Things I tried:

Installed from a backup - same result.

Did a clean install from scratch - same result.

The fixit routines seem to restore parts of the update agent or the whole of the agent but thats what installing the new *.256 agent does anyway so they dont fix anything.

I have come to the conclusion that the only way to install updates is to go to the Windows catalogue and download each update manually.

Nice one MS!

If you are interested in the fixit routines I will post some links.

  tonyq 18:34 10 Nov 2015

Fruit Bat,they are both set to Automatic(Delayed Start)

  tonyq 19:17 10 Nov 2015

Fruit Bat,forgot to say that I did the Restart. Have also run the MicrosoftFixit.wu.Run.EXE Have changed from manual up dates to Auto updates. All to no avail.

  Bris 19:25 10 Nov 2015

fix it tools & manual instructions

I have not tried the manual method but if you do I would be interested in the results.

1]: [click here

  tonyq 09:11 12 Nov 2015

Hi all,

I have tried all fixes exccept the manual one(Bris) to no avail. I then decided to try System Restore, which I have restored to a few months ago. The good news is I have now been able to update the laptop.The bad news is I cannot get on the Internet,I get the message,"Couldn't load XPCom" I have been able to get on and update and run the following Avast,Malwarebytes and Superantispyware,which have been the internet connection is fine. On looking online (on a different laptop) it seems that Monzilla firefox is the problem for the message that I am getting although I have the same problem with IE. Suggestions seem to be to fully remove Monzilla firefox, and download latest edition. The problem is, It will not let me uninstall it via Control Panel or via CCleaner. Help please! or should I open a new posting?

  Govan1x 10:03 12 Nov 2015

Try running in safe mode and see if Firefox works. if so click on help.Troubleshooting information . And press reset firefox. or download revo uninstaller and use that to remove Firefox..

  tonyq 11:24 12 Nov 2015

Good news,all seems to be working. I ran SUPERantispyware,(which I thought I had done before but maybe not) which found 500 plus items and a P.U.P. which I deleted. Went to see if I could uninstall Firefox via control panel and way and behold it uninstalled it. Downloaded/installed latest version,and everything seems to be working O.K. I will see how I go on.

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