Windows Vista Boot Problems

  cooge 12:51 29 Jun 2010

Ok So heres my problem.
I have a pc that originaly came with Windows XP on it with a free uprade to Vista. I got the Vista upgrade bought a second hard drive and installed that as a dual boot config. Everything working fine. As I wasnt using the XP OS I decided to install Win 7 evalustion on that drive and do away with XP. Again everything fine for about 9 months. Then I decided to take off Win 7 by formatting that partition with it on but leaving the original Boot partition for XP so I could load this back on.
Now I couldnt boot into Vista at all just a black screen with no options.
So i reload XP onto the original drive and this allows me to boot into XP through the boot options window and into VIsta if I put the Vista Disc in the drive???
I have done a repair using the vista repair options on the discs like some forums suggest but it will not boot without disc in. If booting without disc in i get the "NTLDER is missing error" which is probably becuase i stupidly installed XP after Vista corrupting the boot.ini file along the way somewhere.
How can I fix this so the Vista OS boots without having the disc in the drive and possibly restore the Dual Boot system I had previously, where I had a choice of OS's to boot from?

  BurrWalnut 14:24 29 Jun 2010

Boot to Vista using the DVD, then download EasyBCD, scroll down here click here and get the instructions here click here

Once it's installed, go to the Add/Remove Entries Tab > Add Entry at the bottom. From the drop-down Windows Tab select Windows XP, give it a meaningful name and point it to the appropriate drive/partition.

  cooge 10:59 01 Jul 2010

Thanks for that BurrWalnut.
I will give this a go at the weekend ans see if this fixes the problem.
I will mark as resolved if it does.

  cooge 09:12 06 Jul 2010

Hi BurrWalnut

I tried the program and followed the instruction. This successfully displayed the dual boot screen on restart but only after starting with th disc in.
Previously if I didnt have the disc in i would get the "NTLDR IS MISSING" message.
This still happened So i loaded up the easy boot manager again and removed all entries then recreated the Vista boot record and restarted.
Now I get the "BOOT MGR IS MISSING" error message but can still start up with disc in.

Not sure what to do next on this. Please help.

  sherwoodsolns 09:48 06 Jul 2010

disable the xp drive.

boot from Vista CD and do a repair install

this will remove boot manager and restore ntldr and boot to the single drive with Vista on it

replace / reconnect the XP drive

see if you can boot into Vista without any dual boot menu - problem solved

dual booting is full of problems - try instead pressing F10 on boot up and select manually the XP drive to boot from - fiddly but simpler - or use bios to select the xp boot drive.

hope that helps....

  cooge 11:01 13 Jul 2010

Sorry for the late post.

Thanks BurrWallnut & Sherwoodsolns a combinations of both solutions have fixed this problem.

Much appriciated.

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