Is Windows Vista as bad as everyone's telling me?

  crazychris 12:15 19 Aug 2007

My daughter's school laptop which she gets in September is a Toshiba, very good spec, with Windows Vista. Am on several other forums, not computer related, and they say Vista is crap, with so many teething problems. Dell's laptops have it but I've heard they're now giving the option of having Windows XP instead, which is what our PC has. So is Vista that bad?

  Diodorus Siculus 12:21 19 Aug 2007

Vista works great for me and my machine is a few years old - Athlon 3000 with 2gb ram and a very basic graphics card.

XP had lots of detractors early on also and to be honest till SP2 came out, it wasn't quite as polished as it might have been.

I dual boot Vista / XP and like both - at the moment I'm on XP but as I say have had no problems with Vista.

  Kate B 12:23 19 Aug 2007

No, of course it's not. It's a vast improvement on XP in many ways. It has much better parental controls, so if you want to regulate your daughter's use of the PC quite strictly, you can.

There have been issues with drivers - those are not the responsibility of Microsoft, which worked with third-party vendors all the way through the development process. If there isn't a driver for a peripheral you want to use, shout at the manufacturer of that piece of kit: it's their responsibility to sort out drivers.

Vista is more demanding of a PC, but new PCs are mostly up to spec. If someone insists on putting Vista on a machine that barely scrapes the minimum spec, they shouldn't be surprised if it limps, groans and wheezes.

There are always people who like to think they have some kind of special insider knowledge about a new OS, and those who like to knock Microsoft for the hell of it. The truth is that Vista is an excellent OS: it's smoother and faster than XP with many significantly improved features.

If you want to inflict on your daughter an outdate OS - which will also, incidentally, make her different from her peers - then that's your lookout. But what would be the point of that?

Also remember that support for XP will evaporate over time. A new laptop should last her three or four years, by which time Vista will be a bit long in the tooth. Do you really think it's fair to lumber her with something that's already out of date?

  xania 12:23 19 Aug 2007

Could be. IMHO MS have a reputation of alternately creating good and bad OS's right back to DOS days. For all its faults, XP is now pretty stable whilst Vista still has many hardware and software compatibility problems. Any PC I build will still have XP unless my customer specifically asks for Vista, and rumours abound about the next OS coming out in only a few years time.

  Kate B 12:24 19 Aug 2007

Good grief, I wouldn't buy a PC from you. You'd seriously consider supplying by default your customers with an outdated OS?

  anskyber 12:32 19 Aug 2007

It's fine for me. Most of the hardware (driver) issues are resolved now unless of course you are going to try to use quite old kit, say a printer. If you are then check for updated drivers first. I have found that some things do in fact work with XP drivers.

The other obvious thing is older programs which may, I stress may not work with Vista. Have a look at click here for useful info on the latest for both issues. Also here. click here

  holme 12:33 19 Aug 2007

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for a much-needed breath of fresh air re. Vista-knocking.

May I just add to this by observing that - despite what the detractors say - Vista does not require a "minimum" of 1GB RAM *unless* one is into (unavoidably) memory-hungry activities such as video editing. And even then it's advisable, certainly not essential.

But then again, if one is into video editing, 1GB RAM or more will greatly help on Windows XP or earlier.

  Technotiger 12:36 19 Aug 2007

.... Any PC I build will still have XP unless my customer specifically asks for Vista,

So what's wrong with that statement? xania's customers are being given the choice. I would much sooner buy from xania rather than have Vista shoved down my throat. I have seen plenty of examples on this forum of members asking 'How do I revert to XP ...' after installing Vista.

  Kate B 12:47 19 Aug 2007

He's not giving them a choice - he's installing an old OS unless they specifically ask for Vista. Surely it should be the other way round. I'd be very cross if I, say, got the local PC bloke to build a machine for my mother and he installed XP on it by default - surely you want the latest and best kit available on your budget. I think it's letting customers down.

If someone wants specifically to choose an old OS, that's their lookout, but knowingly to install something out of date is I think pretty shocking. You wouldn't be pleased, would you, if you'd paid for a PC and discovered it had, say, a Socket 939 mobo? They're still good - mine has one - but they've been superseded.

  [email protected] 13:05 19 Aug 2007

i think it's best to take advice from somebody you know who is using vista and has been for a while. it suits some but not all, it depends greatly what it would be used for. for what your daughter will be using the pc for vista would probably be the better choice. don't get less than i gb though, 2 if it's within budget.

  anskyber 13:05 19 Aug 2007

The reversionists are interesting. When asked they tend to fit into broad categories.

The impatient who cannot be bothered to give things a try and learn about the differences to XP thus condemning it through a lack of understanding.

The impetuous who try to use incompatible software or hardware but fly on anyway. (there was and still is XP incompatible kit and software)

The "knowledgeable" who do not see the need to do some basic research first.

The unlucky who genuinely have met a glitch. I and i know others have found Vista to be very stable as an OS, it's down to how you use it. Vista is significantly better than XP which feels one dimensional and clunky if I use an XP machine. Like KateB I am staggered that someone is allowing their own prejudices to deny people the chance to have XP.

System builders don't like change because in view of the above they are frightened they will be blamed, it's the line of least resistance.

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