Windows Vista 32 bit SP1 failure

  jekan 02:23 26 Aug 2008

Every thing was working fine in the risky world of Vista and I was using automatic updates when I had an error message that an update failed. I have tried every link, been to the windows vista forum and still I can not get it to work. the error code was 8024200D. Vista help site is its usual clear as mud assistance. I have deactivated my fire wall, run diagnostics, still failed, downloaded a stand alone instalation, still failed ..HELP!

  The Kestrel 10:50 26 Aug 2008

Is the failed update you are referring to the Vista SP1 update? Was this offered to you through automatic updates or did you try to install it yourself? There are still conflict problems with Vista SP1 and a number of programs, some of which you may use on your PC. If this is the case it is probably the reason the SP1 update failed. I am still waiting for SP1 to be offered to me through automatic updates.

  PO79 11:40 26 Aug 2008

Which version of Vista are you running, and which update failes (KB??????). There is a problem with an update that is specific to Vista Ultimate & Enterprise editions that is not required for other versions, but is still offered by Windows Update. The solution is to hide the update in Windows Update.

Info click here

  jekan 12:08 26 Aug 2008

a warm hello from Japan, yes, it is Vista Ultimate, english , 32 bit, checking the automatic instalations shows that it has been failing for several attempts. Automatic updat say SP 1 failed and to down laod teh stand alone Sp1 which alos fails?? confused??? join me, even zen mediatation is not helping smile

  Ditch999 14:26 26 Aug 2008

Have you disabled your antivirus/antimalware software as well as your firewall?
Are you logged in as an Administrator?

  jekan 14:30 26 Aug 2008

yes, thanks for that , I have done all of this and I am the administrator. If SP1 is so important why is it so much trouble to down load and install the damm

  Ditch999 14:58 26 Aug 2008

Have a read at the Technet article re SP1 click here
(when you get a spare hour!)

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