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Windows vista 32 bit security centre

  anniesboy68 15:07 20 Mar 2010

For the last month or so I keep having the security centre advising me that all is not well security wise [when all IS well, and all greens showing] OR shows a problem regarding automatic updating. When I attempt to put that right I'm told it cannot be done and to do it manually. Upon attempting the manual change I get the red box saying it cannot be done. Any ideas, folks, please?

  Pineman100 17:12 20 Mar 2010

Assuming that everything was working fine previously, I would try a System Restore back to a date/time before the problem started.

  anniesboy68 18:59 20 Mar 2010

Thanks. Pineman.....have done that several times but it always comes back....Its no real problem, just a nuisance......Sea urchin....thanks for the site re Attack of the Rogues...will look into it later. AB68

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