Windows user accounts

  Valedictor 15:07 15 Mar 2009

Hi all,

I am trying to set up a new user account on my parents' laptop.

It initially had two accounts set up: One called 'User', which I presume was what came with the laptop originally. The second one was called 'Dad', which was set up a while after he acquired the laptop.

Both accounts were set to administrator. However, I have encountered weird problems on this laptop on previous occasions when I have tried to solve issues such as wireless network setup / internet access, etc when on one or both of these accounts, for unknown reasons. Sometimes it won't let me install stuff, almost as if it forgets that it is an administrator account (?)

Anyway, earlier today I deleted the 'User' account as it was just not being used, and have added a new account called 'Family', so my father can carry on using his 'Dad' account in peace, and all other family who come to visit can just use this new account.

I set the new 'Family' account to 'limited', and then logged into it to test it. neither Firefox nor Internet Explorer will connect, and neither will AOL, even though they are absolutely fine on the 'Dad' administrator account.

So I then went back into 'Dad', and changed 'Family' to administrator too. Logged back into 'Family', and it still won't let me connect to the internet when I am logged into it!

Any ideas why this might be? Is it possible there is some kind of corruption in the was the User Accounts are set up on the laptop?

The laptop was a work computer provided to my dad so he could work from home. Is it possible that his company set up something so that the user accounts will only allow certain things, even if we subsequently go in and change the user accounts ourselves?

Many thanks, Jess

  ambra4 09:17 16 Mar 2009

Check if the network is set for a “Domain Account” and change to a “Local User Account”

  Valedictor 10:40 16 Mar 2009

Thank you for the advice - might I ask where I go to check this? I'm no longer within grabbing distance of the laptop, so can't check right now, but I don't recall these options being on the User Accounts screen...

Thank you very much, Jessica

  ambra4 11:26 16 Mar 2009

“Where I go to check this?”

Right Click “My Computer” – Click Computer Tab – Change

If set for a “Domain” change to “Workgroup”

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