Windows upgrade and installation

  Greengo 20:49 16 Sep 2004

I have deleted my version of windows 98, while in the process of trying to install XP. XP is partly installed on my system now, and i am finding difficult now to complete the installation, please help?

  xania 20:54 16 Sep 2004

Frankly, unless there are compelling reasons for doing so, I would not recommend upgrading but rather going for a clean installation. If you only have the upgrade version, don't worry - the system will ask you to insert your old CD to check then will proceed without problems. At this stage, I recommend that you format your C: drive, set your BIOS to boot from CD, reboot with the XP CD in the drive and follwo the on-screen instructions.

PS I tried the over-write option myself recently - had all soprts of problesm. DId a frsh install clean as a whistle.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:57 16 Sep 2004

More info required. Can you get into windows? were you trying to upgrade or fresh install?

Best options Start again from scratch.

Clean install windows XP
click here

  Greengo 21:04 16 Sep 2004

How do i format my c drive? How do i boot my Bios?

  Greengo 21:06 16 Sep 2004

I can't get into windows

  xania 16:12 20 Sep 2004

When you first switch on, you will see instructions on you screen as to how to enter BIOS settings - usually something like the DEL key of F1. Once there you will need to go make sure that you can boot from the CD. Then simply reboot, with the XP CD in the drive, and follwo the on screen instructions.

Don't try to load up Windows - as thingsa are at present, it won't work.

If you are still unclear about the BIOS, I will need to knwo your PC motherboard details.

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