Windows upgrade gone wrong

  broggs 12:12 18 Apr 2003

I've just tried to update my windows me to 2000 professional.All went well until the forth reboot in the setup process(I think after it had converted all the files etc to ntfs). It now stops in the middle of the boot up process at the Verifying DMI Pool Data part with the curser blinking away at the bottom of the screen. Any ideas would be appreciated as I've a lot of files on my pc which I dont want to lose If I have to format the disc and start from scratch. ta

  Big Elf 12:41 18 Apr 2003

I've found this at click here which also gives solutions.

Corrupt boot files on the computer.

Settings for hard disk drive are not correct.

Boot devices not set properly.

BIOS corrupt or misc. setting not set properly.

Connections loose or disconnected.

Bad Hard disk drive or other bad hardware.

  broggs 13:53 18 Apr 2003

thanks.Would the boot disk option work if I was half way through upgrading?

  Big Elf 14:08 18 Apr 2003

I have to be honest and say I'm not really sure. My personal opinion is that it probably wouldn't but I stand to be corrected. Normally in this scenario I would try it anyway but as there is a risk of you losing your data I would wait until someone with better technical knowledge gives further advice.

Also it may be worth checking the power and cable connections, if you haven't already done so, just in case.

  Big Elf 14:18 18 Apr 2003

I have another thought. Is it possible to start the installation again? Having never done an upgrade (I always format and install) I'm not sure what options you have with an upgrade CD.

Also if the data is really important you could try fitting another hard disk, set your current one as a slave then install the OS on the new disk and then see if the data is visible on the old one.

  broggs 19:51 18 Apr 2003

I'll try the installation again tomorrow.

  sattman 01:25 19 Apr 2003

Can you get to restore, and restore to an earlier time?, you may need to use safe mode to do it, using your boot up disk.

  broggs 12:23 19 Apr 2003

I dont think I can as my system restore was turned off on ME
Is my system not windows 2000 pro now,as it has converted all the files to ntfs and was on its final boot in the setup process.
I haven't got a boot disk for 2000 yet as this computer that I am using has a problem with downloading!!!
I have a me boot disc though.Would this work?
Would I lose all my data if I reinstalled me?
Any other ideas would be very welcome.

  Big Elf 12:32 19 Apr 2003

I have the Windows 2000 Pro Boot floppies (4) which I can post to you. If you want them then email me your address before 14:30 and they'll be posted today, but probably won't get to you until next Tuesday or Wednesday.

I doubt if the ME Boot disk would work as you've converted your drive to NTFS. Also I think, but stand to be corrected, that once you've converted to NTFS then you can't revert back to FAT or FAT32.

I still think a second hard drive would be worth trying as, if it works and you can read your data, it could be then used for backups. I appreciate that this is a costly solution however.

  broggs 22:16 26 Apr 2003

thanks for big elfs kind offer.The boot disks did not work.
I have set the disk as slave and I can now access my files(most of them).All my programs on this disk will not work though so I'm at least halfway there.
I read that if you did fdisk/mbr this would cure it but I dont know how to do this on win 2000 as I assume that fdisk /mbr can only be done in dos(from a boot up disk.
The win 2000 boot up discs which big elf kindly posted to me are setup disks and dont give you any option but to re-install.

  mrdsgs 22:45 26 Apr 2003

try using a w98 boot disk

you will then have access to various dos utilities.

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