Windows updates - W7

  john bunyan 16:44 12 Jan 2010

Until recently , on XP SP3, I asked to be prompted when updates were available, and occasionally did not install some (eg Silverlight which I dont think I use?)
I have now been on W7 64 bit for a few weeks and updates are on full auto - so far no probs and unless you look you hardly know they have been installed. I think I will leave it on auto, but does anyone disagree?

  mooly 16:47 12 Jan 2010

Personally, I like to just be notified and for it not to download or install. Like to see what I am installing and when :)

  Fingees 21:01 12 Jan 2010

I leave it on auto.

Been OK so far.

It sets a restore point prior to updating, so you can always roll back if there is a problem.

  birdface 22:19 12 Jan 2010

I like to just be notified and for it not to download or install.Ditto.
Just occasionally they download the wrong drivers etc and you have a hard job finding out what the problem is.

  rdave13 22:21 12 Jan 2010

Same as above, incase it will auto reboot when not expected.

  john bunyan 23:37 12 Jan 2010

Thanks for replies. I just felt that W7 Auto seemed more reliable than XP. I will watch and learn!

  The Mountaineer 10:19 13 Jan 2010

Just to add my own experience of W7, prior to getting a new laptop with W7 in November I had been happy to allow updates to download and install automatically. Then, when my new machine started via defaults to operate the same way I started to get freezes and crashes that were traceable to the updates. Sometimes the update had (partially?) failed or it was a driver issue. I discovered this by uninstalling the lot I was initially deluged with and installing them one at a time. Since then, and there aren't many, I look at the suggested updates and install them singly.

  The Mountaineer 10:47 13 Jan 2010

It's now 30 mins after my last posting and .... guess what?
I'm currently on my Netbook as my laptop has frozen after downloading 2 important and one optional update.
I'll probably be an hour or so sorting the bloody thing!

  john bunyan 12:04 13 Jan 2010

Thanks. In view of what has been said I'll set it to inform me before updating. JB

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