windows updates stored where?

  nadal 09:46 16 Dec 2009

I would be grateful if someone could tell me where all of the numerous upodates are stored on my pc.

I run windows xp pro, and periodically have to re-install the operating system for various reasons

Is there a way to save out all of the updates so as not to have to download them again after each new installation?

Thank you

  Technotiger 10:23 16 Dec 2009

Look in Control Panel>Add and Remove ... tick the box Show Updates.

Or better still, why not invest in Acronis True Image, together with an external hard drive - worth their weight in gold in times of disaster!

  nadal 06:17 18 Dec 2009

Thanks Technotiger

Have as you say, Acronis and external drive...

Problem is that by the time the family has downloaded and their free progs, games etc, there is so much garbage all over the place that it kills me to have to weed it all out

Prefer to make fresh instalation and then update everything in one bang

Is this possible even, or do I have to go the hard way?

What I am looking for is where on the drive the updates are downloaded to so I can save them out to the external drive

Any further thoughts? Thanks millions - nadal

  mooly 07:09 18 Dec 2009

Do as Technotiger suggests... it's well worth it.

I have a clean Vista image, all updates, all service packs installed, service pack cleanup tools run and fully defragged all stored as a recovery image. All drivers and all PC specific apps installed too but nothing else.

It really is worth it weight in gold as TT say's.

You are 20 minutes from a fully installed clean updated image.

  Fingees 07:37 18 Dec 2009

Make the image before the family get all their stuff downloaded.
It's far better than spending hours filtering it out afterward.

All the best.

  gazzaho 11:31 18 Dec 2009

I have to agree with all above, use Acronis to make a disk image just after a fresh installation of windows and use it as the default installation. It will restore Windows in minutes, a lot faster than reinstalling Windows from scratch for instance. I can restore Windows from a disk image in seven minutes using Acronis.

You can then make a disk image after installing all your popular programs along with all your personal windows settings implemented, that way you have a clean system image and a system image ready to use. When the family has bent your system out of shape and you need to go back to square one just recover the system image of your choice, the fresh Windows or the one with your programs and settings installed.

Using these drive images is a lot less time consuming than reinstalling Windows from scratch every time you want a spring clean, it also bypasses the need to constantly reactivate the OS every time you reinstall.

  gazzaho 11:41 18 Dec 2009

Regarding your original question, as far as I'm aware they are stored in


the problem is they are pretty hard to identify, have a look in the folder and see if you can figure which file relates to which update. I find it easier to just re-download any updates missed between disk image restores.

  nadal 09:57 19 Dec 2009

I hear you all, and bow to your common sense - thank you

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