Windows Updates Stopped by Microsoft

  SURVEY 11:56 18 Apr 2016

I would be really interested to learn if others have found that Microsoft have made it impossible to use Windows Update if they remain on other than Windows 10. I can see there are Security Updates for my Windows 7 Laptop and my Windows 8.1 Notebook but cannot download them because MS appears to have prevented this. Looking on the Internet, this appears to be a deliberate policy by MS to force Windows 10. Is there a simple work around? And do we think that this is a really arrogant way for MS to treat its customers?

  lotvic 17:05 18 Apr 2016

I've finally got some installed and done a restart. Now it wants me to have this one: Security Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB3146706) Download size: 22.0 MB Update type: Important

Following the links for more info, I get: click here "This security update resolves a vulnerability in Microsoft Windows. The vulnerability could allow remote code execution if Windows OLE fails to properly validate user input. An attacker could exploit the vulnerability to execute malicious code. However, an attacker must first convince a user to open either a specially crafted file or a program from either a webpage or an email message." so I'm thinking maybe I'd better install it?

  BT 17:38 18 Apr 2016

My wife got updates on her Win8.1 Acer laptop last week 17 on Thursday 5 on Friday.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:50 18 Apr 2016

The laptop I was trying to fix had not been used for nearly a year and there were a lot of updates.but all went smoothly even if they took some time.

Its got a couple of keys missing,so was just a "project" win 7 on it was so slow I would have binned it except its so much faster with win 10 on it now worth ordering a new keyboard as the cost of individual keys + posting isn't much less.

  Bazzaman 18:25 18 Apr 2016

I have Win7 lappie and desktop (very similar software configurations other than necessary drivers), both of them have become slow on Windows Update, but particularly the lappie.

During a slow Windows Update if one opens up Task Manager and goes to the Processes tab (and show all processes) one can see that svchost.exe will be running flat out (on one core if it is a multi-core processor). The svchost.exe memory usage doesn't materially change and it is as if it is looping (on a timer ???). My lappie does this for about 3 hours whilst checking for updates and then again for about 3 hours whilst actually updating. Interestingly enough, I think whilst it is in the update phase it is just passing the time of day after it has already downloaded the updates before eventually installing them (I've deduced this by monitoring the no. of MB downloaded on my Internet connection during this whole process).

WinXP went through a very similar stage of slow updates (with similar svchost.exe symptoms) until MS "fixed" it just before issuing of WinXP updates ceased altogether.

I have to say that I strongly suspect that MS has deliberately caused this to happen.

  VCR97 19:03 18 Apr 2016

Both of my computers took well over one hour "Checking for updates" yesterday. Usually takes about half-an-hour.

  bretsky 20:22 18 Apr 2016

I've had trouble updating one of my Acer laptops for months on Windows 7 HP, spent ages investigating the problem and on one forum they got round the problem by doing the updates offline using this click here and watch this video tutorial from click here it does work, I did my Acer the other evening and its now bang up to date and without the nag of upgrading to win 10 which btw I did months ago by uninstalling a handful of KB numbers, a reg hack, and win 10 upgrade is gone forever, but that's another story.

  SURVEY 10:02 19 Apr 2016

Had another try with my W8.1 notebook. Any attempt tp download updates comes up with the normal update screen but the W10 logo and says downloading W10 files. I just decided to request a few pre-W10 updates from the list and go with it. Interestingly they did download and no mention of W10. So I persisted and managed to downmload all the outstanding updates. So the setup etc of W10 files seems a bit of a red herring! Thus I think I can ignore the W10 screen statements as it appears Windows Update is indeed working. I really cannot understand how a large company like MS can mess up soemthing as important as update file routines. Now all I have to do is to try to get my W7 laptop able to download updates. As this is a Dell XPS machine I really don't have the option of installing W10 (if I wanted to, and I don't) as googling this, Dell do not recommend the update and so many have fallen foul of problems trying to update this machine.

  SURVEY 10:14 20 Apr 2016

OK. Spent hours yesterday going through practically all the routines mentioned on the internet from a variety of sites, all to no avail. This morning, booted up the laptop and asked for half a dozen updates and surprisingly they were downloaded and installed via Windows Update. Re-booted and asked for a few more updates and lo and behold, back to the 0% completed screen.
Just what is it with Microsoft that they can provide such a useless update procedure when some updates have security implications??!!

  SURVEY 13:18 21 Apr 2016

OK. I have now tried all the various options for getting Windows Update working successfully on y W7 laptop. HOWEVER, I HAVE now succeeded in getting all 100+ updates installed. How? Well left the computer running on mains power and after a couple of hours with nothing happening switched it off and waited several hours. Tried again, no change. Then tried another day and after a couple of hours I managed to get a couple of updates installed. Then today, switched on left 'get updates' running and after 3 hours all were installed! So I think that probably there is nothing wrong with the Windows Update program but it is very much hit or miss whether one can connect with the Microsoft server. I do think that Microsoft should take some responsibility here; they must surely read the huge amount of complaints from users who fail to get the updates downloaded and installed, the hours of heartache and seeking 'repairs' to their update program etc. MS mark many updates as 'important' and 'security updates' and then make it difficult and sometimes nigh impossible to download and install them. Pathetic and treating customers with arrogance.

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