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Windows Updates Stopped by Microsoft

  SURVEY 11:56 18 Apr 2016

I would be really interested to learn if others have found that Microsoft have made it impossible to use Windows Update if they remain on other than Windows 10. I can see there are Security Updates for my Windows 7 Laptop and my Windows 8.1 Notebook but cannot download them because MS appears to have prevented this. Looking on the Internet, this appears to be a deliberate policy by MS to force Windows 10. Is there a simple work around? And do we think that this is a really arrogant way for MS to treat its customers?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:12 18 Apr 2016

Spent all day Saturday trying to fix a win 7 laptop that was running very slow, this included updating windows 7. Updates installed without problem.

Even after clearing out all the crap it still ran slow (Intell M900 2G ram).

Yesterday I updated it to Win 10 64 bit, electing to keep nothing, the machine now runs very well considering its poor chip and low memory.

Remember the free upgrade to win 10 is only on offer for the next couple of months.

  The Kestrel 12:48 18 Apr 2016

I am running Windows 7 on a desktop and this month's updates appeared as usual. I installed the updates as normal last night without problems.

  SURVEY 12:58 18 Apr 2016

Well that is interesting that each of you was actually able to install the updates on W7 machines.Mine just goes to download and then sticks at 0%.

  lotvic 13:22 18 Apr 2016

I've had to turn off W7 updates as it caused system to hang when shutting down - no it wasn't downloading updates ready to install them - and it also hung on checking for updates. Got fed up of having wait half an hour then holding in power button to switch pc off.

I'm just about to turn it on again (it's been 2 wks) and check for updates, so may be some time before I post again... LOL

  compumac 13:44 18 Apr 2016

I have a laptop that I have tried repeatedly to upgrade to Win10 from Win 7 without any success whatsoever and have given up on that exercise, but if I try to update Windows 7 itself it takes forever and then PERHAPS updates.

  SURVEY 14:17 18 Apr 2016

Well, tried again and received an error message which on following this through suggested I stop the update service, then delete the software distribution download files and finally restart the service. Did all that. Now of course there are no update files (unless I do a system restore) showing ready for updating and when I go to 'Update' once again the system just hangs stating (checking for Updates). This is absolutely hopeless. I just wish MS were upfront about this and say they have suspended the Update service. I understand that Windows 10 automatically updates in the background whether one wants updates or not; maybe this is MS's route and they will not allow any updates to any lesser Windows operating system. If we knew that that is the case then we wouldn't have to waste so uch time trying to update!!

  lotvic 14:28 18 Apr 2016

Update on my update... took about 30 mins with nothing apparently happening, doorbell rang so had to leave pc. I come back and there are updates waiting to download (I have it set to notify me before download). For the last 15 mins it's now stuck on the message 'Downloading Updates, (0 KB total, 0% complete)'. Hopefully it is doing something, will wait and see...

  bluetoothhelp 14:31 18 Apr 2016

I had the same issue.. it does take forever, so suggest you just leave it. I only downloaded about 4 at a time.. and that seemed to do trick.

  SURVEY 16:34 18 Apr 2016

bluetoothhelp - well I cannot even download one ticked update!

  SURVEY 16:36 18 Apr 2016

bluetoothhelp - I should have added that I left the computer running for over 3 hours - no progress!

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