windows "updates"? essential to install

  end 09:51 24 Aug 2004

like Norton AV which I regularly update, is it essential to regularly and frequently check for and install the windows updates; at times it feels like "asking for trouble" to put yet more patches and updates on the system. today I have run a scan to find at least two things apparently needed on here.
and the lap-top has only just been "set-up" so lord knows what running a scan on THAT is going to pick up..


  VoG II 10:00 24 Aug 2004

I would (and do) just install the "Critical Updates", especially anything identified as a "vulnerability" in Internet Explorer.

  end 11:37 24 Aug 2004

have just run it on lap-top and begin to wish I hadn"t ; tells me I have 19 items required..I presume I ought to "go for it"?

  VoG II 11:40 24 Aug 2004

I suggest that you install them one at a time and check that all is OK before installing the next.

  end 08:44 25 Aug 2004

some "progress " here; did as suggested and put the Tower ones on one at a time, having rerun the update and found another one to add to the list; lap-top is next with its" generous handful "to do :)...and "still alive and kicking"(!!)

  end 14:07 25 Aug 2004

have "braved" putting the first large one on lappy, and seems to allow me to continue to work; some 18 more to go..this is scarry :(

who "picks up the tab" if the thing wont work at the end of it?

  VoG II 20:07 25 Aug 2004

Well if you read the site policy you will see that you follow any advice at your own risk.

However, in the unlikely event that things do go wrong, you know where to find us. If it will still connect to the internet that is ;o)

  end 22:20 25 Aug 2004

yea...yea...yea...."getting there" comes to does "where has that hand gone"...or "that internet page"..

  end 00:49 26 Aug 2004

and, if it refuses to connect to the internet , I always have the infamous Tower;
I have about another 5 to go, and frustratingly enough, have had to restart the thing after each update;

and as yet have to run a defragment to help the thing "sort itself out" must have a huge case of indigestion after what i have just thrown at it:)

I may be the reason why accord cannot get on to it to get updated...I have been "hogging the site"::))

  VoG II 06:55 26 Aug 2004

When you do defrag, try using Diskeeper Lite. You'll be amazed. click here

  end 11:50 26 Aug 2004

at what...the chaos within my computer or how excellently my defragment actually works(or otherwise!):)

I ran 3 defragments last nite(this morning!) on the lappy and it was running smoothly at that time(now on Tower for printing-works);i will get things sorted eventully (so I keep telling myself)and if not...the "team" is there if I can get on to the net and open the forum.. and now to continue..

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