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  pookie 12:30 24 Mar 2003

Ecs mobo k7s5a, 1.9 xp athlon, 512 mb pc2100 ddr ram, creative 4.1 digital soundcard, windows xp home, ti 4200 64 mb graphics.

I did a reformat/reinstall of xp last week. Installed all current drivers, which I'd used before reformat. When I've gone into windows update there are the usual critical ones/etc. However, it also now shows 2 driver device updates. One is for amd processor and the other is re creative. If windows checks my individual system and recommends that I update these drivers - it must be safe to do so? My system is fine and stable, so far, and I know that if it's not broken then don't fix it but there is always the thought that if windows recommends these drivers then maybe they'll add some improvement that'll make a noticeable difference.

Any thought?


  Lozzy 12:33 24 Mar 2003

Leave well alone on the driver front if all is okay with your PC.

However if you do download them and you have any issues you can use the driver roll back facility if you get any problems..

  hoverman 12:42 24 Mar 2003

I agree with Lozzy to leave the driver updates well alone. Windows Update once reported a driver update for my Alcatel broadband modem. Had to revert to the original driver when this would not work. Also, Windows Update is currently reporting an AMD processor driver update available. I queried whether I should install this with Evesham (my PC maker)and their Support advised me not to do so.

  €dstow 12:51 24 Mar 2003

I had the same expereince with Alcatel drivers as hoverman. My connection after the improvement wrked at half speed - this wasn't subjective - I actually measured it on the ADSL guide speed test.

I also downloaded some "new" Creative drivers which took out ALL of my Creative extras like Playcenter and anything to do with other than basic two speaker stereo. The remote control no longer worked either.

!!!!!DON'T DO IT!!!!!


  Paranoid Android 13:05 24 Mar 2003

Though it irks me greatly to leap to Bill G's defence, I have had no problems with the drivers on windows update. They are probably not much different to the ones you have now, but at least they are all WHQL certified.

And with XP you can roll back.

I am a great advocate of always using latest drivers. The only thing I don't like about Windows updat is you can't save them to HDD first.

Also I always back up befoe installing unknown software / drivers.


  hoverman 13:46 24 Mar 2003

When I had problems with the Alcatel modem driver offered by Windows Update I e-mailed BT's Support to enquire why this would not work. There reply was that the drivers supplied with the modem were specifically geared for use with their broadband service - or words to that effect - and any driver update should be done via their website. I have done this since with success.

  woodchip 13:55 24 Mar 2003

There is only you who can answer the above in your post you ask a question and answer it in the same post. I am not fully in agreement with if it's working leave it. If you did that with a car you would be in for a big bill when the bearing’s where worn out. Admitted computers are different but you cannot just go on that. That’s why patches for software are brought out to make it work better

  €dstow 14:04 24 Mar 2003

As a rider to what woodchip and Marvin say, the software manufacturer knows more about his product than Mr Gates does and if you want to upgrade your software, I suggest you go to the manufacturers website to do it.


(one who has suffered the consequences of M$ efforts thinking they always know best!)

  hoverman 14:26 24 Mar 2003

You've summed it up perfectly.

  pookie 19:12 24 Mar 2003

thanks for all the replies. I think I'll leave well alone.

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