Windows Updates on CD

  Diodorus Siculus 11:33 06 Mar 2004

I have not seen this flagged up for a while, so here goes for the weekenders.

If anyone wants to get the windows updates on a CD from Microsoft, they can be ordered free of charge from click here

You will need a MS passport (Hotmail address basically).

  TBH1 16:20 06 Mar 2004

oredered this some time ago, probably from this link, - - how long does it usually take to arrive do you think ?

  Diodorus Siculus 16:23 06 Mar 2004

Probably 6 weeks or so, going by MS usual times for free CDs. That was what the free XP SP1 CD took. Good luck with it - I'm still waiting.

  Dave Bowman 16:33 06 Mar 2004

I had to wait @ 4 weeks for XP SP1.
Win 2K SP4 only took about 4 days!

  Diodorus Siculus 16:36 06 Mar 2004

Dave Bowman - any chance of a link to the request page for win2k SP4 please? I don't have that one.

  Eargasm 17:08 06 Mar 2004

Thanks for the link,just ordered mine.

  Dave Bowman 18:29 06 Mar 2004

Sorry for the delay I've been busy setting up Mozilla FireFox, anybody else tried it?

The link below will take you to the initial order page but they seem to be having a problem taking orders at the moment. You could try the Customer Services number they give you.

click here

Bowman, D.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:05 06 Mar 2004

Thanks, Dave Bowman.

I have been a user of Mozilla since version 0.7 and when Firebird reached 0.5 (?) I switched to it. With Version 0.6 it was not necessary to install it and I was tempted to stay with it. But curiosity got the better of me so I installed FireFox and am happy with it. I do all my browsing with Firefox except for the few sites that need IE.

  Dave Bowman 19:37 06 Mar 2004

Thats almost exactly the same path that I followed!
I also use Thunderbird 0.4 as a mail client, Outlook reminded me of work!. Just have to be different I guess.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:40 06 Mar 2004

Don't yet use Thunderbird... but may do it.

I prefer a shareware prog called Becky from click here

has regular updates, amazing features and a wonderful user group on YahooGroups.

  pat2068 20:23 06 Mar 2004

can anyone give me the link for the XP SP1 CD please thanks leo

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