Windows updates again and again and again and agai

  Tog 13:31 16 Sep 2003

98SE, IE6, NIS2003/NAV2003

Every time I visit the Windows Update site, the scan results come back with the same security update KB***969 (can't remember the middle 3 numbers and I'm not on my home PC). I have now successfully installed it 4 times! The installation history confirms it has installed (4 times over). I've deleted all of the Temporary Intenet Files contents including cookies & index.dat. I've deleted the contents of the windows temp folder & disabled NIS & AV during the scan/download/installation. Apart from having an extra 39 minor updates available, nothing changed.

Suggestions, anyone :?

  Tog 20:31 16 Sep 2003

The first 2 links are for XP, the directory entry they ask for doesn't exist in 98SE. McScary's site was a beanfest (it's now in my favourites) I have now tried deleting the contentents of the V4 folder (except for iuhist.xml), No Joy. :(

The last link did not help either.


Come on peeps.

  the lone cloner 21:36 16 Sep 2003

go to click here all is explained there also the fix.

  Tog 07:32 17 Sep 2003

lone cloner

Your link didn't work, I presumed it needed a dot com on the end and that took me to XP!

seekit....I got to the newsgroup eventually, but no joy. Form the number of unanswered posts there, I'm not sure it's worth bothering to add my problem to the list.

Tried reloading a previous incarnation using Ghost but it still does it!

This is not looking hopeful.

  Tog 07:15 18 Sep 2003

Tried disabling the world last night. Had it running with a totally empty systme tray and nothing the background, no temp files, no V4, no internet stuff, still the same. Looks like I'll have to wait for the next combined update and see if it picks it up.

Thanks to all who tried.


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