Windows Updates for 98SE ceased?

  polymath 16:27 30 Aug 2003

I'm having trouble with the site, and most options in the left pane on the Updates page are unavailable, including View Installation History, and 'Personalise Windows Updates', which I understand I'd need to make the Update Catalog page viewable. I have it as a Trusted Site, with low security, and settings with everything in sight enabled (same as before the problems).

The switchoff date for extended Win 98 & 98SE support was apparently in June this year, about the time I started having difficulty. Are Win Updates are part of the support that's stopped? If so, I won't bother trying any more!

I was up to date with critical updates anyway, apart from Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1. Win Updates said I needed it, even when I was using IE5, but the download failed. It failed again once I'd upgraded to IE6. The next try (around the support cutoff date) got the message 'no updates available at this time' (or similar). That seemed a bit vague, so I wonder if it means 'That's your lot, mate'?

And if it matters anyway? My only anxiety now is that if I need to reinstall Windows, I don't have any updates saved to disk.

Forgive me if I don't see answers for a while - I'm in and out this weekend.

  woodchip 16:37 30 Aug 2003

I think you will find that most of the updates was for IED not 98se. Plugging holes in the bad Browser. Get Netscape as IE will not be going beyond IE6 and will cease at the end of the year and will just be part hove the Operating System

  polymath 20:34 30 Aug 2003

Thanks Flateric, I'll try Win Updates again. Good luck with XP!

Yes, I will have a look at Netscape, Woodchip. I don't suffer from brand loyalty, just hadn't got round to looking into browser alternatives.

But maybe I'd better try and save non-IE Win98 updates to disk, in case of reinstalling. Especially as, from what you say, it may not take ages (no broadband here!)

  polymath 20:39 30 Aug 2003

Aren't these highlighted keywords fun! I've seen things like the 'excel' in 'excel at' highlighted. Almost as entertaining as a spell checker.

  woodchip 22:27 30 Aug 2003

click here

Look at bottom of page for next

  polymath 13:03 31 Aug 2003

Thanks for the links, Woodchip & The Sack - they'll probably save me a lot of fiddling about. Especially if I still can't see my Installation History (which I haven't been able to print out - is it possible?)

I don't have a CD writer yet, but it looks as if even the whole lot, including non-critical, would go on a few floppies, especially without a few that don't apply to me. It'll do for now, till I get that 2nd hard disk for backup!

  Stuartli 14:37 31 Aug 2003

You'll find that if you look in click here ('s) left hand menu panel's Previous Versions (of Windows), the various patches, updates etc over the years are listed in full in the support section.

Same goes for the majority of Microsoft products including IE, OE, WMP etc.

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