Windows Updates

  Dickptwo 14:21 21 Jul 2012


  Nontek 14:30 21 Jul 2012

So? Quite normal.

  Clapton is God 15:30 21 Jul 2012

Nontek *"So? Quite normal".

Rubbish. Looks like you may have a problem as well if you're updating every day.

  Nontek 16:16 21 Jul 2012

Well OK, I accept that I might be wrong, but I have checked my Update History, all have updated successfully and though some have similar numbers, they are not all the same update. Not strictly updated on a daily basis, but can happen several times in one day, and at least every other day, if not daily.

Running Win7(64Bit) on a four month old laptop. No problems anywhere, all running great!

  Nontek 16:22 21 Jul 2012

My apologies to Dickptwo if I have missled you, and if that is the case, then can one of the other members above, please come up with a solution?

  Nontek 16:41 21 Jul 2012


Yes, mine is set to update automatically, and I do use MSE!


  Dickptwo 18:17 21 Jul 2012


  Nontek 20:37 21 Jul 2012

Duplicate post in Win7 Help


Please mark your other thread with a Green-tick, then stick to this thread. Only causes confusion if there is more than one thread per subject. Also please note that all Capitals is considered as shouting!

As I said, stick with this one Thread, someone will come to your aid!

  Dickptwo 09:09 22 Jul 2012

Sorry, I did'nt understand the post protocol. I am in my eighties and I am a little slow. I am going to follow the last advice and delete .NET4 Thanks

  onthelimit1 09:20 22 Jul 2012

Have a look at the update history and ensure that the updates are successful. If not, it may be trying to install the same update over and over again. In that case, you could bar that particular update (unlikely to make any difference to the way the PC runs).

  Nontek 13:22 22 Jul 2012


From your comments, I guess you are new to these Forums - so Welcome, always good to meet newcomers!

In your eighties eh, well you are in good company, many more like us behind these screens - though I am only 77yrs young!

I hope your little problem is solved!

Another bit of advice - in order to mark your Thread as Resolved (that is with a Green tick), simply click on any of the large Grey ticks in your Thread and then click on the Post button below this text box.

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