Windows Updates

  jjgall26 09:33 11 May 2011

Is it just me or is anyone else getting hit with Updates from Microsoft every day? I re-installed Windows7 last week and have been getting updates on a continuous basis ever since. Any comments, folks? Cheers.

  birdface 09:53 11 May 2011

There were updates last night.But getting continuous updates may mean that you are getting the same updates every day and they are not downloading properly. Maybe check the windows update History to make sure that is not happening.

  johndrew 09:55 11 May 2011

Did you do all the updates when you reinstalled the OS; It may take several visits to the site? If you didn't end up wit a screen telling you there were no updates available then you will get the pop-up.

  wee eddie 10:01 11 May 2011

My only experience with a Windows re-Installation is from quite a while ago and that this is fairly normal, as there are a considerable number of files to be downloaded.

  jjgall26 10:07 11 May 2011

Thanks. They all seem to be different downloads but I`m running Microsoft Security Essentials and some are updates for this. I did a full Update after re-installing including Service Pack 1. Any way to tweak MSE to stop being pestered with these updates every day? Thanks.

  iscanut 10:13 11 May 2011

What are the updates that are every day. Do you mean the same one or different ones ?

  jjgall26 10:27 11 May 2011

Different ones.

  birdface 10:32 11 May 2011

Unfortunately MSE uses windows update. You can ignore them as they will download automatically to MSE. Best bet would be to stop automatic update and start downloading manually.

  iscanut 10:34 11 May 2011

I do not understand how you can be getting different ones every day..5 or 6 different ones every week ? My system is set to auto, but I only get the monthly ones and the odd one now and again. There have not been daily different ones over the past few weeks. MSE may well offer new ones daily if it is the culprit. If so, why would you want to stop them. Just set MSE to update automatically and they will be done in the background. If you don't like this, then consider another AV/Adware program.

  kdt 13:29 11 May 2011

They are new definitions if you check the numbers. If you have automatic install then no need to download manually.

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