Windows updates.

  the hick 10:54 24 Oct 2008

My PC informs me, by the little yellow shield on the toolbar, that there are updates available now for Windows XP, Internet Explorer, Windows Office, Media Player etc. Is it necessary to download these - I have not before on this 1-yr-old machine - and someone told me, you may get hassles after downloading Windows uodates. Any advice much appreciated, thanks.

  Halmer 11:15 24 Oct 2008

You should download and install them. If you do have a problem (which you shouldn't) you could always do a system restore.

  birdface 11:54 24 Oct 2008

Run a manual scan for Microsoft updates.Anyones that come up that you do not want to download press the + in the box and underneath Just tick don't show again.or something like that.And you will get no further updates for it.There was an urgent update from Microsoft last night which has to be installed.

  Clapton is God 12:59 24 Oct 2008

"Is it necessary to download these"

They are already downloaded - hence the yellow shield. They're now waiting for you to install them.

"someone told me, you may get hassles after downloading Windows uodate's"

You'll probably get a damn sight more "hassles" by NOT installing MS/Windows updates.

  the hick 14:20 24 Oct 2008

When I hover on yellow shield, it says 'updates are ready click to download'. Panel has about 30 items in it! then click to start downloading. I do not have service pack 3, this not in this list, but is this also essential? I am a bit lost on Microsoft updating, i'm afraid.

  Stuartli 14:26 24 Oct 2008

Go to the Security Center>Windows Updates and configure WU to "Notify You of Updates but Not install them" by ticking the appropriate section.

You should now be able, when updates are available, to click on the yellow icon and choose Custom.

Select the updates you require by ticking the box or boxes (a detailed description of each update is given by highlighting the line(s) and OK.

You will then get a panel up asking if you wish to be notified again of any updates you have refused; tick the box and OK to ensure you are not reminded again.

The update(s) will now be installed that you have chosen - you may have to Reboot afterwards.

  Clapton is God 14:30 24 Oct 2008

"I am a bit lost on Microsoft updating, i'm afraid"

There's nothing to be lost about.

MS updates are designed to improve the security and performance of your PC. Simple as that.

Just get on with it and install them.

Install what's already on offer and SP3 will probably be available at a later stage, or you can go to the MS update site and manually download it.

  birdface 14:33 24 Oct 2008

Hi.Something wrong if you have 30 odd updates waiting to be downloaded.It could not have downloaded anything for the last 3 or 4 months to get that many.

  bluto1 20:05 24 Oct 2008

"and someone told me, you may get hassles after downloading Windows updates."

For every person who says that there are certainly hundreds and probably thousands who do not get hassles.

  the hick 20:54 27 Oct 2008

Most updates now done, should I also allow installation of Internet Explorer 7? Is this reckoned to be OK, no problems resulting?

  Halmer 21:00 27 Oct 2008

do it.

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