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  Fullywired 16:09 20 Jul 2004

hi guys
at home i have an internet connection that is using my mobile phone as a bluetooth modem and it is only running at 9.6kbps which is no good at all for downloading windows updates! however, i spend all weekend at my grandads and he has broadband and windows is updated to the max! every download wether he needs it or not has been downloaded! is there any way of saving these updates to disk so that i can install them on my PC? thanks in advance

  johnsims 16:14 20 Jul 2004

Yep. Personalise windows update once you are at the site. It's in the left hand frame.
But ..... updates will be too big for a floppy most of the time so hope your granddad has a cd burner.
As a thought - would it not be cheaper to have an ordinary phone in than to pay the mobile rates?

  Fullywired 16:19 20 Jul 2004

my parents wont let me have an internet connection because it ends up that it costs too much and my dad runs a buisness on the same line so i cant use the phone for long, this is why i am trying to pursuade him to get broadband! he's even been offered a 512k connection for £17.99 a month with free setup and no monthly limit and i think he is considering it! but i have 300 free internet minuites a month so i can just about cope for now, im starting to use my GPRS connection at 56k but i dont think its running at that speed
thanks for the help

  Stuartli 16:36 20 Jul 2004

A Tiscali DayTime (£4.99 a month to surf Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm) or DayTime Plus (£7.99 to also include weekends at these times) is cheap enough.

Other ISPs offer an evening to morning equivalent i.e. 6 or 8pm to 8am.

So even if you have to keep nipping on and off the web while business calls are made, the charge per month will be exactly the same.

I use DayTime Plus which gives me 224 hours surfing a month and the only "snag" is the two-hour cutoff time; IE automatically redials to reconnect again.

  johnsims 16:39 20 Jul 2004

Work on him, big time! Convince him of the time he will save by having an "always on connection".
Even offer to pay for half of it, but convince him!

  Fullywired 17:01 20 Jul 2004

im working on it big time! i even spent 5hrs tidyin my room because he's always complaining at me! i think i will offer to pay half because it will be good for my school work aswell as other things.
thanks to all of you for the help

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