Rabbit's Foot 20:14 16 Feb 2004

I've just had a crash where I lost everything.
Thanks to my computer supplier I have restored Windows XP Home. Now I have to download and install 76 updates.
My question is:
Do I download the lot at once or do I do them separatly? Are there any I should not download?
Advice required, please.

  VoG II 20:18 16 Feb 2004

click here first or you're prone to getting Blaster.

I would then get SP1, then any "cumulative" updates, then see what windowsupdate thinks is still needed.

  anon1 20:20 16 Feb 2004

windows update will only let you download multiple files if they can be downloaded together. You will not be able to download any that need updating on their own. Before you go off and do it all remeber that most of them are in service pack 1 so if you download that first then go back to windows update it may be easier for you. You should consider "slipstreaming your windows cd click here

  JIM 20:25 16 Feb 2004

More than likely you will be informed by the downloads/updates via a message how to,or want to procced.

Personally make sure you have installed your antivirus software then enable the firewall,start with the service pack and not do it all in a day or so.

"I" would try and check all is well with my OS running after a download,but we dont always do that :) Do you really need the 76 updates?

  JIM 20:27 16 Feb 2004

vog/anon1/Rabbit's Foot

posted before looking with some :)

  romanab 20:47 16 Feb 2004

ms will send sp1 and blaster patch on disk free of charge (don't forget xp firewall)

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