windows updates

  andygpz 16:25 01 Oct 2003

when looking in windows for updates it tells me there is 15 updates but when i try it errors me any ideas thanks,but please make it easy as i am fairly new to comps

  andygpz 16:36 01 Oct 2003

also does anyone know why sometimes when i am on the internet i suddenly get the message this comp has performed something illegal and shuts down

  JIM 16:42 01 Oct 2003

could you give us any idea of the error ,message or ? etc. Take it your on the windows update site when this happens. Plus post your win/OS

  andygpz 17:01 01 Oct 2003

hello jim i just tried again the message just tells me this program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down, which seems to hapen alot even when iam just on the internet i am using windows 98se

  JIM 17:33 01 Oct 2003

Your first post

Normally this would happen if you have recently have added new software,so have a think and if that be the case uninstall then reinstall of software would be the norm.

If it is only happening when online,are you playing a game or is it just browsing in general or just with a particular site you visit? Are you able to repeat the same action to cause the error message.

You could go to add/remove programs click on internet explorer and tools then chose the repair option to see if any improvement.

You may also have more than one program running when online and that could be conflicting with other program.If you have,

Next time you startup your system for to go online, press the keys ctrl/alt delete and end task on all programs showing, BAR explorer and systray.Then startup your ISP to go on line and see how things go from there. Meaning, do you still have the performed illegal operation message.

That error can be trying, to sort out but your best bet is trying to remember what if any changes you have made or updates etc to your system then reverse if possible.

Go to start then run,type in sfc click ok and run the systems file checker to see if all is well. Have your win cd handy if required.

See how you do then post back.

  andygpz 19:17 01 Oct 2003

i used sfc but that didnt report anything,i tried add/remove but cant find internet explorer on it,also my comp was fine untill a couple of weeks ago i had to take it back to shop because when i started comp it froze and i could do nothing when i got it back they had formated it so it was like new ,this is when i have started to have probs,thanks for trying to help me i appreciate it

  rosyred 19:43 01 Oct 2003

I run oe on w98se and I cant find repair in the area you mention. oe tools is under windows set up in the add/remove progs but no repair

  JIM 20:00 01 Oct 2003

when it happens click on the details button in the dialog box let us know what it reports.Just the main text.

The reason you may not find internet explorer in add/remove programs maybe because of the new format/install and poss they have installed IE5 and you have not updated it to include the patches or tools for IE5.You could update IE5 or the latest version IE6 via a CD copy from the mag.It would save a download and may help with the error message.

  andygpz 20:36 01 Oct 2003

getting fed up yet, in details it says IEXPLORE caused an invalid page fault

  JIM 23:23 01 Oct 2003

"says IEXPLORE caused an invalid page fault"

Not surprised,if that is the meat of the message and it does not mention a particular file/module.

Update if you can as it should sort it out.Try to find a CD with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 with the service pack 2, or you can as said above install ie6 on it. Otherwise you will have to go online AND unless you have broadband it could take a while.

Internet Explorer 5.01 Service Pack 2 (SP2)

click here

If you do install IE UPDATES, for a repair in the future, you would,

1/Right-click the Internet Explorer icon on the desktop, and then click Properties.

2/Click Delete Temporary Internet Files.

3/Click Clear History, and then click OK.

4/Click Start, click Settings, click Control Panel, and then double-click Add/Remove Programs.

5/Click Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and Internet Tools, then click Add/Remove.

6/Click Repair Internet Explorer, and then click OK.

7/Restart your computer.

  andygpz 13:59 02 Oct 2003

thanks mate but i have downloaded ie6 and everything has gone pear shape,i am on ntl broadband but i need to work out how to get rid of this ie6 as it has things i have never seen before like a talking wizard lol

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