windows updates

  pat2068 00:33 05 Sep 2003

there are 2 driver updates for win xp which i cannot get to download so i cant get them installed can anyone help thanks mary

  powerless 00:34 05 Sep 2003

Updates for what hardware?

  pat2068 00:39 05 Sep 2003

pcel modem driver9.00.0020 and silicon integrated system corp media version are the drivers that wont even download thanks mary

  pat2068 01:40 05 Sep 2003


  pat2068 02:01 05 Sep 2003

could someone please help me get these drivers downloaded and installed please thanks mary

  Djohn 02:05 05 Sep 2003

Give me a link, i'll try for you. I have had a look on the M/S site but can't see the one's you want. j.

  pat2068 02:08 05 Sep 2003

they are on the windows update page what kind of link can i give you i am lost with this thanks mary

  Djohn 02:13 05 Sep 2003

I will have another look for you Mary, but when I go to the update page it scans my PC and tells me there are no up-dates available for my system! If I put your request into the search box, it comes back, "Can't find" j.

  pat2068 02:17 05 Sep 2003

had to restore to manuf settings which is only on my harddrive i had to update all the patches again and i had the drivers before the restore but i cant even download them now will i have to restore again everything else downloaded ans installed but not these drivers thanks mary

  Djohn 02:24 05 Sep 2003

Sorry Mary I've had another look but can't find the drivers with the information you have given. If I could, then I would D/L for you and mail them on. j.

  powerless 05:31 05 Sep 2003

Ah, the windows update site for me is very slow.

I bet everyone is sleeping now so i'll try to type very quietly!

Just try again.

The updates sometimes can take a few minutes to get going.

pcel modem driver9.00.0020 - A Modem.

silicon integrated system corp media version - Not sure what this.

To download the updates and to install them yourself:

On the windows Update site.

On the left in the middle click "Peronalize Windows Update"...

Place a tick in the box next to "Display the link to the Windows Update Catalog under See Also"...

Click "Save Settings"...

On the left click "Windows Update Catalog"...

Now click "Find driver updates for hardware devices"...

Following the instructions.

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