Windows Update. Warning!

  Flak999 18:58 16 Feb 2007

A word to the wise, if you use the windows update site today and you are offered optional hardware updates do not install the "Via primary ide channel" and Via secondary IDE channel" updates! They will trash your computer!

I have just had a very worrying few moments, I installed them and rebooted as instructed, only to be greeted with a blue screen stop error before windows starts.

The solution is to restart and select "last known good configuration" from the menu you are presented with. The only problem with this is if your machine has been left on its default settings to reboot on error you will be in an endless reboot loop!

Fortunately for me I had disabled this and set a restore point before installing the offending updates. So I am back up and running again. There are also several threads about this problem on the windows update newsgroup, looks like a lot of people have been hit!

  bluto1 19:01 16 Feb 2007

Thanks for info.

  Totally-braindead 19:09 16 Feb 2007

I lost my internet connection because one of the automatic updates updated Internet Explorer so that my firewall wouldn't recognise it and wouldn't connect. Fortunatly I had Firefox on the PC and that ran ok and once someone mentioned the firewall and I added the new IE to it it worked fine.
Because of this I have disabled automatic updates and now run it manually a couple of times a week so I can choose what to download.
The updates you mention are not shown for me so I presume the updates are only for certain PCs.
Its good advice though. I've seen these hardware updates muck things up before.

  Flak999 19:12 16 Feb 2007

Here is the link to the windows update newsgroup click here

I think it does only affect certain configurations!

  Technotiger 19:15 16 Feb 2007

Thanks ... I was 'offered' that hardware update, I declined!


  Strawballs 19:16 16 Feb 2007

Those updates are only if you have a VIA chipset and I was warned a while ago not to use windows VIA updates.

  birdface 19:49 16 Feb 2007

Spot on mate,happened to me this afternoon, I was lucky enough that last good configuration got me back into windows,I should have known better they were dated the middle of last year, I thought that it was something that I had missed so downloaded them, Is there any way of deleting them now,Or is it better to leave them on computer.

  Flak999 19:53 16 Feb 2007

You should be able to remove them from "Add remove programs" but they dont show up, guess we are stymied until Microsoft do something about it!

  frankie 20:00 16 Feb 2007

yeh only m soft,done me tooo but now up n running again...

  birdface 20:00 16 Feb 2007

Dont know why Microsoft can get away with making balls up like they have,They have also downloaded wrong drivers[Sound] to a lot of computers,and you have to roll back the driver to get the sound back.

  frankie 20:01 16 Feb 2007

thanks good off you to post by way,late for a few but will save others keep it on top,good ole boy

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