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Windows Update Upset Boot Straight to Desktop

  RegScriv 11:48 22 Dec 2015

Since the infamous November Update, my setting to boot straight to desktop from start-up works but when I put the pc into sleep mode and wake it up, I now have to log on. Can anyone help please

  xania 13:09 22 Dec 2015

Go to Power Options under System Setup and uncheck the

  RegScriv 14:04 22 Dec 2015

Ok, I found the solution. It's Setup/Accounts/Signin Options/Option under sleep set to "Never"

  xania 14:45 22 Dec 2015

No - that stops the PC ever going to sleep. My solution allows the PC to go to sleep, but on wake up it goes straight back to the desktop (or so it claims).

  RegScriv 16:05 22 Dec 2015

Sorry guys, I didn't explain myself very well. What I meant to say was - Go to Settings/Accounts/Sign-in Options/Require Sign-in and set that box to "Never". It works. I can put my pc to sleep and wake it from sleep without having to sign in every time. It also boots straight to desktop from start-up.

  xania 16:50 22 Dec 2015

RegScriv Can you now set this as resolved.

  RegScriv 21:35 22 Dec 2015

Thanks for your help, & your right rdave13, there's 2 ways of doing this. Xania, I'm not sure how I set this as resolved, but yes it is resolved and many thanks.

  RegScriv 11:30 23 Dec 2015

I don't store anything on my PC apart from the OS and the programmes/apps. I store everything on an external HD backed up by another ext HD kept in my safe. If someone burgles my house & wants my data, the best thing they can do is take my ext HD. It's not encrypted so I guess they could get some info, not sure what use it would be to them. I use KeePass for passwords which I keep on a separate USB stick, so they wouldn't get that info from either the PC or the ext HD. I suppose I should encrypt my ext HD, but the house is alarmed & just how far do you go?

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