Windows update stuck on 0% for a week or so.

  Dan 00:48 23 Sep 2004

Hi Folks.

You know how when you download update files and patches for XP from M$oft a little icon appears in your taskbar which if you hover your mouse over will bring up the percentage of a download achieved so far?

Well my little icon has been sitting there for about a week showing 0% download. It used to be when you clicked on it you could get it to pause, but it's not reacting at all to clicking.

I wouldn't mind except it's obviously absorbing some of the system's resources and it's also obviously something gone glitchy. I think the related process is WUAUCLT.EXE

Can someone tell me how to turn this icon/process off safetly?

(I tried disabling the wuauclt process, and it turned off ok.....and then turned itself back on again.)

The OS is WinXP SP1 but Not SP2.

Cheers for any ideas.

  JonnyTub 00:52 23 Sep 2004

this may help although don't automatically assume you have a virus click here

  Dan 13:02 23 Sep 2004

Cheers anyhow, don't think it's a virus the WUAUCLT.exe is in the right directory - and AVG gives the machine a clean bill.

Think it's just windows

Any other ideas?

  bretsky 16:21 23 Sep 2004

click here

Windows update client, this lives in system 32 folder on your C:\WINDOWS\system32 and in prefetch,and also in your sp1 files folder and is necessary.

Try disabling automatic updates>Right click my comp>properties>Automatic updates, and then reboot the pc to see if the Icon disappears, if it does, enable automatic updates again.

bretsky ;0)

  Dan 19:15 23 Sep 2004

Problem fixed. (well the icon's gone though wuauclt .exe is still showing up in the TM)

But as far as I'm concerned it's solved.

Thanks again.


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