Windows Update Q811493

  hoverman 06:48 25 Apr 2003

Just did a Windows update check and I see that Microsoft no longer quote Q811493 as a critical update - they have moved it to the 'Windows XP' section as a recommended update.

  MichelleC 08:29 25 Apr 2003

That's Bill trying to do too much again. Must've put it in the wrong section.

  hoverman 09:25 25 Apr 2003

Yesterday we were being told that Microsoft says that all users should install this security update despite it causing serious problems with PC performance. If it was that critical then, what has changed to relegate it to just a 'recommended update'?

  Gaz 25 12:39 25 Apr 2003

but better safe than sorry, and yes, even with a firewall (according to sources) if they can exploit a OS then they are in, your PC is as secure as your OS and updates.

Its worth it.

Am I talking about the right update, it is the Security one, or now I think of it the crytographic services one?

mmmm anyway, they did slow my PC down, but anyway I have a lot of memory and GHz to play with.

  hoverman 13:11 25 Apr 2003

There have been several posts about this update over recent days. My point is: Q811493 was listed as a 'critical update' recently, but after reports that it had a detrimental affect on PC performance, Microsoft have now downgraded it to a 'Recommended update'. If we being told that we should install it, then why doesn't it remain as a 'Critical update'? I don't ever recall a critical update being downgraded before - or am I wrong? I have plenty of memory and Ghz but have no intention of installing Q811493 until MS sorts it out.

  Gaz 25 13:28 25 Apr 2003

Microsoft told me:

Thankyou for using our technical support, I still say strongly you install the faulty update until a patch is released as it could be a very serious security threat even if you have protection. To reduce the slow down effects defragment your HDD but I do strongly say that you keep the update until our patch has been finalised and should be issued soon.

Thank you,

Microsoft tech support,

So I installed it anyway hoverman and no difference except a slight slowdown but they will patch it up and the protection is vital.

It allows a hacker to run codes. delete, copy, read and carry out tasks on your PC from Kernel in XP so it is critical, microsoft say, itis listed as recommended until a patch update is released.

To see more info on the story... click here

  hoverman 14:00 25 Apr 2003

I still think the risk to the ordinary home user is minimal so will wait for the updated patch.

  Andsome 16:47 25 Apr 2003

I have not noticed any slowdown since installing this update

  hoverman 16:58 25 Apr 2003

You must be one of the few who did not have any slowdown. I might try installing it again just to see what happens.

  hoverman 17:22 25 Apr 2003

Have just reinstalled this update and there is a very slight slowdown, but nowhere near as bad as the first time. Will leave it installed to see what happens over the next few days. Thanks to all for your replies.

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