Windows Update Problems

  [DELETED] 21:02 16 Nov 2003

I have Win98 on a 256MB RAM e-machines 433i Tower. Lately when I try to access the Windows Updates I get this message "Windows Update has encountered an error and cannot display the requested page." over and over. I've e-mailed MS, tried their Troubleshoot page, (no error # matches mine), I can't afford their alternate help options. I've went to user help pages and nada. My error # is 0x8007001F. Also I no longer have my Win98 SE disk ... can anyone help?

  hugh-265156 21:08 16 Nov 2003

if you click here does this happen?

  hugh-265156 21:11 16 Nov 2003

only thing i can find on the KB is click here

  [DELETED] 23:43 16 Nov 2003

That's definitely the article I needed, but I'm stumped still. I don't know anything about AmCap or a Windows Media Encoder. Should I uninstall/reinstall Windows Media Player?

Thanks so much for finding this information. :^)

  hugh-265156 00:07 17 Nov 2003

did my link to windows update above work?

i think you would know if you had media encoder installed click here

amcap is part of this version of direcx x click here and its designed for software developers,nothing to stop you using it of course but i think the chances of you having installed it are remote.

do you have a capture card?

guess what im saying is i dont know.

have you tryed getting updates from click here

  [DELETED] 15:48 17 Nov 2003

The link in your 1st post did not work, but the last link you posted did! Looked at the info about the amcap and media coder and have not any clue what they are or if I have them, I wouldn't have downloaded them purposely, but this (found in updates list) made me wonder.

"Windows Media Player 7.1 includes the following new and/or updated features: new Windows Media Audio 8 (WMA8) encoding, new Smart Transcode support, Windows Media Audio and Video 8 decoding, the new Enterprise Deployment Pack, and other updates and fixes."

I do have WMP 7.1. Since I rarely use it maybe I should just uninstall it and later d/l a more current version of it?

  Stuartli 17:14 17 Nov 2003

The KB article appears to help to resolve the problem but it would be better to uninstall it and get the Win98 version of Windows Media Player 9.

You could also try the very latest video driver for your graphics card - I've just cured a pal's problem with a 3dfx Banshee video card which kept returning a TV Out port error when trying to play DVDs with PowerDVD.

There is no TV Out port on this card but installing the final Banshee driver solved the problem immediately.

  [DELETED] 17:32 17 Nov 2003

Think I'll try the simplest solution first - uninstall MP 7.1 - see what happens ... Thank you very much for your time and assistance!

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