Windows update problem.

  Cymro. 10:32 17 Apr 2010

Earlier this week there was a number of Windows updates. I updated these with no problem. But Windows has since then insisted that there is still one update to be installed. It keeps placing the update shield in the bottom right corner of my screen

I have checked my update history and this update is recorded as having been installed several times. Thankfully my ad remove programs lists it as installed only the once.

So the little shield appearing in the bottom of my screen is no big problem as long as I ignore it except when I close down my system for the night and I am asked if I want to install this pesky update.

Windows seems unwilling to accept that I have already installed this update and so keeps asking my to install it. So how do I get Windows to stop placing this unnecessary update warning shield on my system?
The update concerned is Security update KB979683 that first come through earlier this week W.E.17/4/2010

  birdface 11:11 17 Apr 2010

Run Windows update Manually and when KB979683 shows click on it and a box should open underneath.
Just tick do not show this update again and you should have no more bother with it.

  dfh 11:52 17 Apr 2010

Could it have something to do with this? click here
as this seems to relate to that particular update

  Cymro. 12:24 17 Apr 2010

I have done as you suggested buteman but could not get the same box as you mention. There was no sign of it when I clicked on the update in the Ad Remove programs list.

So I went on to the Windows update site and clicked the express get high priority updates list. The update that gives me the problem was the only one listed, although I have already installed it several times.

So I clicked on it and the only message that I got was that I was to FINISH installing it. So again I installed it and low and behold it has not so far reappeared in the bottom of my screen.

I have re booted several times to check and all seems to be well. So the problems is solved but in a different way to the one suggested. Perhaps for some reason the update had indeed not finished installing and so Windows was reminding me to install it all the time.

I had installed it several times as can be seen in my update history list. So I can just assume that it had not completely installed but now is.

dfh your link to the BBC site about a root-kit virus is useful and so I will run of scan. I will come back latter if I have found anything suspicious.

I should have mentioned that I run Windows XP with service pack 3.

  cocteau48 12:44 17 Apr 2010

When updating manually choose "custom" rather than "express" update.

Should give you the same results but will show the box which buteman refers to which will allow you to deselect it.

  Cymro. 13:32 17 Apr 2010

I tried it out and yes I could see the box that said "do not show this update again". What a great site this is. Thanks to you all.

I know I should not go off topic but this is related to the above.
On my Windows update site there is offered a new version of the update service
It says
"New Get Microsoft Update today!"
Now would it be a good idea to download this or would it just be more bother than it is worth?

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