Windows Update Problem

  homer4god 21:28 25 Jul 2004

I am working on a friends system. He had 'a virus' on it (he actually had at least 36 viruses on it). Anyway after a lot of work and some helpful people in the forum I have what appeard to be a cleen(ish) system.
The trouble now is it hasn't had windows update run on the system (they bought it last Christmas).
When I go to the update site I get a message that only administrators can get the updates. All the user accounts are set as administrator accounts. So I am stuffed all ways on this one.
The system has XP Home with IE6.0.
Please, please someone help!!

  GaT7 21:47 25 Jul 2004

This may help - click here. G

  stalion 22:13 25 Jul 2004

I put this on your previous thread today if it is any help click here

  homer4god 19:49 26 Jul 2004

Right I have been looking at the links you guys sent, I am trying the trouble shooter out.
On one part it says add some exceptions to the proxy server settings.
I use Freeserve dialup and there are no proxy server settings.
Should I just skip this stage??

  GaT7 20:27 26 Jul 2004

Yes, just skip the proxy settings stage.

1. Do steps 1-13. Then check if the updates d'load/install OK.

2. If no joy, do steps 16-17. Then check if the updates d'load/install OK.

3. If still no joy, try the solution under "MORE INFORMATION", if you find that particular error in the Windows Update.log file. Then check if the updates d'load/install OK.

4. Sometimes this problem occurs if you're using AV+firewall. Try disabling th AV+firewall & then try d'loading the updates. (On reboot you should be automatically protected again. If not manually enable them again.)

Good luck, G

  harps1h 21:58 26 Jul 2004

also check in your services to see if cryptographic services are ticked, if not tick them and reboot. downloads will then install.

to do this
go to run
type msconfig
click services and scroll to cryptographic services and tick
click apply and restart

  homer4god 18:41 27 Jul 2004

In services in msconfig all the services are ticked including crypographic services. I have had no joy on the update trouble shooter so far. and I have tried a few popup blockers and i am still getting popups all the time.
Any ideas

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