rotormota 20:02 16 Apr 2004


I have what appears to be a massive Windows update which has been downloading for the last 3 evenings & is still only 51% complete. I didn't get any warning for it & can't turn it off, only pause it.

Is anyone else getting the same or knows how to stop it please?


  Lionheart ? 20:10 16 Apr 2004

I tried to download some updates from there site yesterday and it kept timimg out, maybe they have a problem on there server.

  harps1h 20:20 16 Apr 2004

go to start, run, then type in services.msc,then enter.
scroll down to the listing to "automatic updates"
right click on the title and then on the properties listing.
on the screen in front you will see "start up type"
scroll to disable , selsct that then click apply. after that just ok your way out to your destop

  harps1h 20:29 16 Apr 2004

meant to say you can still manually update from your start programs menu

  romanab 20:57 16 Apr 2004

Same thing happened to me a couple of days ago.

I recieved a message(I have it set to notify me when there are updates) that there were critical patches available so clicked ok, after about half an hour I saw that it was only 2% so I rebooted to stop it, went to windows update and downloaded and installed them in about ten minutes as the five of them were not very big.

I don't know what happened the first time but this worked for me.

Hope this helps.

  harps1h 20:59 16 Apr 2004

you still need to stop auto updates or it will do it every time you connect to the net using up resources

  romanab 21:09 16 Apr 2004

After I installed them it didn't try again.

  harps1h 22:27 16 Apr 2004

my point being although you have now downloaded all that there is, you still don't have a choice as to whether win xp auto downloads later without you knowing what it is downloading. personally i prefer to make that choice myself!

  ade.h 23:08 16 Apr 2004

Couldn't agree more, harps1h.

  computernerdiamnot 23:14 16 Apr 2004

aaif you want to download manually go to control panel, double click admin tools, double click on services shortcut, double click on automatic updates, click on start type and choose manual click on apply and that should leave you to choose what you want to download.

  temp003 23:41 16 Apr 2004

Try to avoid downloading directly using the Windows Update engine or even Windows Update Catalogue, especially when the download is large.

Go directly to the download page, and download from there.

You can use Windows Update to scan for updates, then for each item, there's a "Read More". Click that, you'll be taken to the bulletin, which contains link to the download for each OS, such as:

click here for 835732

click here for 828741

click here for 837009

click here for 837001

click here for 831167

Downloading from these pages also means you can use a download manager (to resume, and makes it faster, esp. with broadband).

Another way to get to these pages, click here

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