Windows Update KB970159

  O2 10:04 08 Jul 2010

Although I have Windows Update set to inform me before downloading anything, last night an update with the reference (KB970159)began to install automatically and required a restart to finish configuration. Checking 'Update History', and right-clicking on this item, gives the category as "Important" and the information "User-Mode Driver Framework". However, unlike all other updates which are labelled "Update for Windows Vista" (my version), this one is labelled "Update for Windows". Clicking on the link for more information on the MS website finds nothing. I'd be very grateful if anyone can tell me what this is, and why it should download without my permission. Many thanks.

  tullie 10:13 08 Jul 2010

Heard its something to do with Zune,whatever that is.

  robin_x 10:15 08 Jul 2010
  O2 10:39 08 Jul 2010

Thank you both; slightly clearer, although I'd never heard of 'Zune' until your responses. I've certainly never (knowingly) downloaded anything to do with it. However, I did have a Nokia mobile connected at the time; I wonder if it was mistaken for some Zune hardware (is there such a thing?). Still don't know why it should download without permission, though. Cheers.

  robin_x 10:49 08 Jul 2010

My Samsung Phone software totally screwed my PC, until I realised that my PC could treat it as just another external USB drive.

Now I just drag and drop. Samsung Software uninstalled.

(18 month old SGH-600, FM Radio, 5Mpixel camera+Flash, which is rubbish, Vid Capability, Voice Recorder.'s alright really)

  northumbria61 16:34 08 Jul 2010

The Zune device is a digital media player for your music, video, pictures, and podcasts. Zune software helps you manage the music, pictures etc.
click here

Nokia and Zune are currently working alongside each other click here

The most likely reason for your download - having your nokia mobile connected "at the time"

  O2 17:10 08 Jul 2010

Many thanks for your suggestions and advice. I very much appreciate it.

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