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Windows Update for Jan 2013

  thumbscrew 00:20 10 Jan 2013

So many of these updates give me problems that my heart sinks when I see the yellow symbol. Today was no different, first click and it told me there were nine updates and the first one was the Malicious Removal Tool. I gave up after 10 minutes with nothing happening, shut and rebooted and this time it said there were eight updates not nine and there was no sign of the Removal Tool, but this lot seemed to download. I opened up the Security Centre to check, which took an age because it kept freezing, it offered me an Activex installaTION (Despite Activex being previously on the computer!) but it wouldn't install!! Just Googled the update and it said there were seven updates this month...not eight...not nine?? Anyone make any sense out of this?

  lotvic 00:47 10 Jan 2013

I had about 8 or 9 (didn't actually count them) and they seem to hang for several minutes before installing - I went and made a coffee and when I came back it was halfway through. Very slow installing them this time, don't know why.

  thumbscrew 10:26 10 Jan 2013

Thanks Jock1e, I'll do that.

  spuds 10:43 10 Jan 2013

I had the reminder for 8 updates yesterday, downloaded three from the list because the others five were for Microsoft NET Framework, which I didn't think necessary.

Yesterday evening and this morning, was being pestered to download the other the other five. Started the procedure, and it seems to be taking ages?.

  thumbscrew 11:06 10 Jan 2013

Played hell with my machine, just doing System Restore.

  thumbscrew 16:02 10 Jan 2013

Played havoc with my computer, been on it for hours trying to fiox thed mess that the updates created. Seems there are two separate lots???? The Malicious Removal Tool was in the second batch and ironically I could have done with it to sort the problems that Microsoft created....all the malicious stuff came from them. I had a blank screen, lost all my on screen programs, four system restores, Safe Mode and there's more but I'm too depressed to go on. Damn you Microsoft and insert your malicious updates in that special place!!

  VCR97 19:44 10 Jan 2013

I have two laptops with W7/64/SP1. One had ten updates whilst the other had twelve, the "extra" two being W7 updates. Three updates on each were the NET Framework things which usually take ages to install but this time they installed like greased lightning. These inconsistencies are a bit unsettling.

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