Windows Update Installation History

  theodor 23:06 19 Apr 2005

A friend of mine has lost his Wi-Fi internet connection after using Windows update for Windows Me.

I think he can remove updates via Control Panel-Add or Remove programs. The trick is knowing which updates were installed last.

Does anyone know if "Windows Update Installation History" can be accessed locally on his hard drive and where can he find it? (He can't connect to net) Thanks -T

  Kev.Ifty 23:20 19 Apr 2005

In XP's Add/Remove Programs. The updates are dated. The earliest at the top.

Perhaps Me is similar?

Sorry if i'm stating the obvious.


  Newby 09:11 20 Apr 2005

I have Me installed and yesterday I installed a load of ctitical updates. Just now I clicked on start, Windows updated and than installation history and all the updates were therewith the date(s) but no time. This may help. I'm not sure whether there is any way to display the time as well - which, in your friends case, might be critical. Hope this helps. Newby.

  Newby 09:16 20 Apr 2005

theodor, excuse my misspelling - must be getting dislectic! Just a thought, would re installing the internet connection solve the immediate problem? I'm not up on Wi-Fi.Newby.

  Newby 09:37 20 Apr 2005

theodor, if you put Wi-Fi into Google you will get a host of sites referring to Wi-Fi and problems, including problems with Windows. Possibly with solutions.Cheers, Newby.

  theodor 19:04 20 Apr 2005

Thanks for your input. The trouble is that when you clicked on start, Windows update and then installation history, this is taking you on to the internet, which my friend can't do!

Thats why I wondered if "installation history" can be accessed locally on his hard drive and where can he find it.

  Joe R 19:12 20 Apr 2005


this site might help you in your problem.

click here

  bertiecharlie 19:26 20 Apr 2005

There's a programme, MyUninstaller, from click here which shows the date and time of installations.

  bertiecharlie 19:34 20 Apr 2005

I meant to add that the programme will fit on a floppy which you could give to your friend.

  theodor 22:17 20 Apr 2005

Thanks bertiecharlie, I'll pass on MyUninstaller and see if it does the trick. -T

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