Windows update help needed

  tonyx1302 17:46 15 Jan 2006

I have d/loaded ' Security update for Outlook 2003 KB892843( 1 of 1 )' from the Windows Auto Update but I cannot get it to install on my pc. Every time it starts to install okay then stops and tells me 'the following download was not installed. I have tried installing through the turn off mode etc but not successful. My machine keeps telling me that I have a d/load awaiting installation. How can I please...a/install the d/load or... b/get rid of it as it becoming very annoying by continually telling to install the prog ?
XP Home with SP2

Many thanks


  tonyx1302 18:13 15 Jan 2006

^ Bump ^

Now the Footie has finished on Sky, hopefully someone can help please!

With thanks

Tony (an Arsenal fan)

  PC Bilbo 18:20 15 Jan 2006

This download is to do with junk mail filtering and replaces an earlier download fron Nov 2005.

Try a manual install from here click here
and see if that works.

  tonyx1302 19:16 15 Jan 2006

Thanks PCBilbo. Just tried your suggestion but not succesful as it tells me that a newer update has been d/loaded and should be installed


  Mytob 19:37 15 Jan 2006

Iv had similer probs with the update system. I just turn off automatic update as its just annoying i find. As for how to install it im not sure as i have never got around similer probs. Hay its outlook in the end a hell you should not be using such a crap app in any case. If you dont use it just ignore that one as its not critical. If you do may i suggest using mozzila thunderbird instead or even better web based email like me as they tend to be more secure.

  PC Bilbo 08:04 16 Jan 2006

Sorry in researching, I inadvertently gave you wrong link.

This one will let you try to manually download KB892843 click here

  PC Bilbo 08:07 16 Jan 2006

Should also have mentioned this patch should only have come up on auto update if you have already downloaded outlook 2003 multilingual pack otherwise I can't see that you really need it.

  tonyx1302 10:45 16 Jan 2006

Hi PC Bilbo. I have just checked and I haven't installed the Multi. ling u/date but for some unknown reason my pc has d/loaded the patch KB892843 for it.

I have done as you suggest but it confirms the above but I still have the update awaiting to be installed and get keep getting reminders !

Any thoughts on how I delete the unneeded and wanted patch please.


  rsinbad 10:54 16 Jan 2006

why not remove update from add and remove, then reinstall again, may work

  tonyx1302 11:30 16 Jan 2006

Sorry rsinbad cannot do that as it's not installed yet so does not appear in Add/Rem. The update icon is just sitting in my Start task bar telling me it's awaiting installation and continually reminding me!!!


  rsinbad 12:03 16 Jan 2006

sorry got wrong end of the stick, if you left click on the install sheild do you get any options?

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