Windows Update Hangs

  mdrandall 11:51 30 Jul 2003

I have WinXP Pro connected via ADSL. Just over the last couple of days whenever I run Windows Update and press "scan" it states that its looking for updates and then hangs. The IE window running Update hogs the screen and I have to kill the application using WinXP CTL-Alt-Del.

Office update works OK as does all other internet access.

Also, what is really strange is that if I connect using a dial up modem it seems to work OK.

I had this problem once before on a different system and it seemed to be fixed when I set the MTU values to 1458 in the registry. This hasn't worked this time.

I have tried various fixes found on the web and nothing seems to work.

Any ideas please...............

  mdrandall 14:13 30 Jul 2003

OK fixed the problem. I needed to set the MTU value for my network connection so I used DrTCP to set the MTU to 1458.

Now all works fine.

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