Windows update gone wrong!

  ferrispedro 11:05 15 Aug 2013

I need urgent help.Windows decided to update itself and I am stuck in a cycle of 1 a page which says "configuring updates Stage 3 of 3 0% complete.Do not turn off your computer" 2 Then computer shuts down and the same thing happens again. I can't even start in safe mode! Peter.

  spuds 11:43 15 Aug 2013

It might pay to say what operating system you are updating to?.

This morning, I had notification of a number of updates for Windows XP, but on trying to install, most of the updates would not install?.

I have closed the updates down, and will now wait to see if the same updates appear at a later time!.

  lotvic 12:08 15 Aug 2013

I thought my XP updates had installed without problem, but on reading the C:Windows .log files (open in notepad) for date 14-08-2103 they seem to have failed in some way. Not sure why, what and how to interpret the logs. I'm not going to do anything about it as it doesn't seem to be causing any problems (fingers x'd)

  ferrispedro 12:57 15 Aug 2013

Sorry, Vista Home Premium.Spoke to Windows Help and he was not much help. Suggested I do a System Restore Unfortunately I cannot get into Safe mode,it keeps going back to the "configuring updates" page. What other restores could I try?

  ferrispedro 13:00 15 Aug 2013

Also as a footnote I didn't initiate the updates the ** thing did it itself.

  lotvic 13:15 15 Aug 2013

I must admit when I googled for that problem I got more than I bargained for :O

You could work your way through the methods on

  ferrispedro 18:36 15 Aug 2013

Update:went to PC World from whence I in my innocence bought the PC a few years back and they graciously told me I would have to contact HP to buy a recovery disc or they would repair it for me for the princely sum of 50 smackers.I replied in the two words I reserve for PCW and returned home.Booted the PC up and it went into a self repair mode, success! The PC still seems a bit shaky,it froze up for 10 mins or so but at least I'm back on line.Should I do system restore do you think? Thanks all. Peter.

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